China plays an important role in the global alumin

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China plays an important role in the global aluminum market

China still plays an unparalleled role in the global aluminum market. Strong demand led to rapid growth in production. The fundamental changes in China's supply and demand of aluminum ingots will dynamically affect the aluminum of western countries through international trade. We should pay more attention to the details of the market balance when using aluminum ingots

according to the research article of Barclays Capital compiled by Shanghai Jinpeng on May 29, China still plays an unparalleled role in the global aluminum market. Strong demand led to rapid growth in production. Changes in the supply and demand fundamentals of aluminum ingots in China will dynamically affect the balance of aluminum market in western countries through international trade. So far, the SARS epidemic has had a limited impact on China's aluminum consumption, especially in the booming automobile industry. It is estimated that China's primary aluminum demand will still increase by 15% in 2003, reaching 4.8 million tons, accounting for 16% of the total global consumption

correspondingly, there are many uncertain factors in the total supply of primary aluminum in China, which is expected to increase by 19% to 5.3 million tons, accounting for 17% of the total global supply. This uncertainty comes from the continued tight supply of alumina, partly due to the power shortage caused by the shortcomings of China's system, and the Chinese government's measures to curb the expansion of overheated production capacity are being strengthened. Therefore, we can at least think that China can be self-sufficient in aluminum ingots. As of the end of April 2003, the part of oversupply, i.e. net export, was only 120000 tons. Therefore, it is estimated that about 360000 tons of aluminum ingots are exported to western countries in the whole year. In 2000, China imported 700000 aluminum ingots from the west, and China's current net export situation will remain until 2005/06

recently, there has been constant news that a large number of aluminum ingot production plans in China have been threatened. The 50000 ton expansion plan of Zunyi aluminum plant in Guizhou Province has been delayed due to the shortage of energy supply. The aluminum ingot production line of the plant has brought a capacity of 115000 tons. With the recovery of the economy, Guizhou aluminum plant, China's largest aluminum plant, is expected to fail to meet the annual output target of 240000 tons in 2003 and may produce 30000 to 40000 tons less. In fact, it is not just Guizhou. 4. The use of projectors needs to be far away from heat sources Other provinces in China also have similar problems of low water storage and insufficient hydropower


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