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Demag Plastics Group has newly launched el

Demag Plastics Group has newly launched el-exis s s fast cycle injection molding machine, with a maximum clamping force of 7000 kn. On the basis of maintaining the advantages of the original el-exis s s series machines, the new high-performance machine produces products that are more in line with the market demand. The template size is larger, and the sample bar spacing is wider when using large-size jaws to hold small sections. It is very suitable for the use of heavy molds, multi cavity molds and stacking molds. The el-exis s s series injection molding machine of DEMAG Plastics Group adheres to and optimizes the modular drive technology that Demag has always advocated. It has an electrically driven plasticizing and mold shifting device and a hydraulic high-speed injection system. This drive combination is unique in the fast cycle injection molding machine market

use el-exis s s series high-performance injection molding machine to obtain extremely short cycle time. It can provide high plasticizing rate, injection volume, fast response mold action, and has remarkable energy saving characteristics compared with direct pressure machines. Since it was put on the market in 1999, el-exis s s has been widely recognized, especially in the production of plastic packaging products. More and more processors are using el-exis s s machines to produce barrels, screw caps, containers and caps

Demag once exhibited two el-exis s s machines for plastic packaging on K2004, which attracted wide attention in the industry. The clamping force of el-exis s s 550/is 5500kN, the distance between pull rods is 1020mm, and the diameter of screw is 70mm. It is used to produce PP dip plates. The mold used is a stack mold with 24+24 mold cavities provided by stackteck company of Brampton on, Canada; In addition, el-exis s s 150/has a mold closing force of 1500KN, a pull rod spacing of 500mm, and a screw diameter of 45mm. It is equipped with a mold with 1+1 cavity provided by Switzerland's n-shanghai els glaroform AG, which is used to inject 500ml containers with covers and adopts the in mold labeling process (IML), and the labels are decorated on the bottom, sides and covers. Therefore, a set of in mold labeling system is built around the machine. Beck automation from oberengstringen, Switzerland, provides a set of special manipulator, which can simultaneously clamp out the finished container and cover and provide labels for the mold

with the ever-changing geometric shapes of various packaging products, many packaging product processors begin to consider using injection molding machines that can be equipped with more mold cavities and stacked molds, which means that such machines must have larger templates, wider pull rod spacing and larger mold space, as well as large plasticizing volume, high injection volume and very short cycle time. In response to the needs of processors, Demag has expanded the clamping force range of el-exis s s (originally 600~5500kn), and recently launched el-exis s 700 with a clamping force of 7000kN. Although the clamping force of the machine has been improved a lot, it still retains all the characteristics and attributes of the original el-exis s s series, including: the carbon nanotube yarn adopts hydraulic high-speed injection, which can produce thin-walled products for packaging with higher flow length/wall thickness ratio; A clamping device with energy-saving dynamic electric drive; The mold protection by means of piezoelectric measurement is very sensitive. If necessary, the brake function can also be started during the mold closing process; With non-contact and high sensitivity ultrasonic stroke measurement system; For complex dies and secondary actions, neutron and ejection actions can be freely programmed; Electric metering drive enables independent plasticization and high-quality melt

in addition, el-exis s s 700 also has the following features: it has a square formwork without size restrictions, and the spacing of pull rods is expanded to 1120mm, which is 100mm larger than el-exis s s 550; The rigidity of the formwork has been improved by FEM aided design. It has excellent wear resistance and can meet the needs of heavy molds; The structure of the nozzle area is strengthened; The circulating ball bearing system with low friction coefficient is adopted for the formwork support to ensure the free movement of the opening and closing die and reduce the risk of die loss

el-exis s s 700 has three kinds of injection devices to choose from, which can provide extremely high injection volume and injection pressure, thus solving the problem of insufficient mold filling caused by long stacking flow path. Moreover, since the hydraulic accumulator for high-speed injection is directly installed on the machine body, it does not need to occupy additional space

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