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Home feng shui is to replace the layout and furnishings that can bring bad psychological hints with those that can bring good psychological hints, which makes people feel physically and mentally happy when they are in it. Therefore, there is no lack of scientific truth. Feng Shui taboo in interior decoration focuses on the Feng Shui layout of various indoor functional spaces:

first, Feng Shui of the gate

the feng shui of a house depends largely on the orientation and orientation of the gate. Feng Shui advocates that you should see three things at the beginning:

1. When you open the door, you see the red screen, totem or screen wall, which gives people a happy and warm feeling like spring

2. Green in front of the door refers to the effect of seeing red flowers and green leaves as soon as you enter the door, giving people a feeling of vibrant business, instantly relieving emotions and relieving stress

3. Open up “ Fu ”, It means that you can see elegant “ Blessing ” Word. A pleasing picture or handicraft of white clouds, blue sky, streams, and flowing water can also be used, because it can play a role in regulating the tense and tired mood

2. Aisle and stair Feng Shui

aisle and stair are places for families to walk, and they also carry the aura of the whole family. In geomantic omen, all dynamic places are closely related to wealth

(1) the design of aisle should not be too long

(2) the color of the corridor should be simple and bright, and there should not be a beam above it

(3) hanging lamps, sharp corners and prismatic designs should not be hung above the corridor, and colorful lights should not be used

(4) artistic traps should not be designed in the aisle, which will cause families to panic and panic all day long

the stairs and the gate are inside and outside each other. They are also dynamic auras. Don't set them on the central axis of the room. Try to set them in the direction of prosperity. It's not suitable to see the stairs at the entrance

III. home porch

home porch refers to the first barrier of the first space after entering the gate. Its importance is second only to the gate. Feng Shui in the porch likes whirling and avoids rushing straight. How to save money in decoration? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. When setting the porch, attention should be paid not to be too narrow, reflective lenses should not be set, beams, antique frames with seven holes and eight holes, statues of swords and swords, sharp edges, and ornaments with teeth and claws should be clear and concise

IV. living room feng shui

the living room is the connection point between dynamic and static of the whole room, the activity center of home life, the place for welcoming guests, and the core of the whole room, which can best reflect the owner's spiritual outlook and luck

the living room should be located in front of the room, not behind the room. Compared with other functional areas, the lighting of the living room must be better. Avoid the corridor running horizontally or directly through the center of the living room, take into account not only the guests' visit, but also the privacy of family life, and strive to look around without being easily noticed

v. master room feng shui

the quality of master room feng shui directly affects the owner's wealth, career, future and family. Under normal circumstances, it is appropriate to set master bedrooms in the southeast and northwest. The northwest initiative is mature, stable, responsible, famous in the southeast, cultural and upward. Setting master bedrooms in these two sides is easy to be valued by leaders, and easy to be respected by others in work and life

VI. kitchen Feng Shui

the quality of kitchen Feng Shui has a direct impact on the wealth and health of the whole family. In terms of geography, it is authentic to explain that the kitchen should be installed in three auspicious ways: anger, longevity and natural medicine. The specific operation also needs to be combined with the orders of the female and male owners to choose to go to Ji, and the choice of location can roughly choose the east or southeast direction

the nine taboos of kitchen Feng Shui that should be known in kitchen feng shui design: first, the kitchen stove is opposite to the door, second, the kitchen stove is opposite to the toilet, and third, the kitchen toilet is the same door; Four taboos: platform and high hall. Five taboos: fire gate in the aisle. Six taboos: the door of the stove is opposite to the sink. Seven taboos: press down the beam. Eight taboos are windows behind the stove. Nine avoid water drenching the eyes of the stove. Ten taboos are under the bridal chamber toilet





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