Warm congratulations on the grand opening of Anqin

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Anqing, known as Shuzhou in ancient times and Yicheng in other words, is located in the southwest of Anhui Province. It is known as "the longest river with its throat closed, and Wu and Chu are the first states in Xinjiang". Anqing is a regional central city in Southwest Anhui, a political, economic, cultural, scientific, educational, transportation and shipping center in Southwest Anhui, a national historical and cultural city, an excellent tourist city in China, a national forest city, and the hometown of Huangmei Opera in China

this time, Kuba kitchen appliances anqing exclusive store was grandly opened in Anqing Guangcai market. With the unique decoration style of Kuba appliances, the exclusive store has attracted a large number of customers to enter the store for consultation experience by purchasing all kinds of kitchen appliances in one stop. The shopping guide of Kuba electric appliance store enthusiastically explained to customers in the store, and demonstrated various Kuba kitchen electrical products, Kuba integrated stove, Kuba cigarette machine and other powerful smoking effects and cooking experience on site, which proved the high quality of Kuba kitchen electrical appliances with facts, gave more intuitive experience and feelings to customers on site, attracted customers to place orders, and the sales scene was extremely hot

Kuba kitchen appliances, the initiator of China's integrated modular kitchen, originated from Shengzhou, the capital of kitchen appliances in China. Since its birth, it has focused on making high-end kitchen appliances, and created high-quality, efficient and fashionable kitchen appliances in the spirit of eternal innovation. With the opening of Anqing exclusive store of Kuba kitchen appliances, I believe that the outstanding product quality and strong after-sales service of Kuba kitchen appliances will definitely bring anqing people a better experience of open kitchen. I wish Kuba kitchen appliances anqing store a prosperous business and a wide range of financial resources





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