How to distinguish glass mosaic from ceramic mosai

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glass mosaic

glass mosaic has a long history. It is produced by glass production process. The raw materials are first melted into liquid in the glass furnace, and then cooled to form products with different colors and bright surfaces. It is characterized by very bright colors (compared with ceramic mosaic)

ceramic mosaic

ceramic mosaic is a kind of mosaic produced by ceramic production process. The raw material is powdery small particles after spray granulation, which are shaped by a press and then burned in the kiln (some of them are glazed and then burned in the kiln). When they are out of the kiln, they are packaged directly or polished to make the surface glow according to the requirements. Ceramic mosaic is emerging in recent years. It can make different surface gloss effects, different colors, and has the advantages of high strength, toughness, heat resistance and impact of ceramic products (compared with glass mosaic). However, glass mosaic has the characteristics of brittleness and poor thermal shock. The price is hard to say, because the specifications are diverse and there is no comparability




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