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Wanshida wooden door has always been in the leading position in China's home furnishing industry. In the process of development, it has constantly changed its business strategy to meet the future development. Wanshida wooden door has the courage to face challenges, actively respond, and create brilliance in the storm

build your own good wooden door. Wanshida wooden door has always insisted on being the best brand. In the face of fierce market competition, Wanshida wooden door actively adjusts its mentality, creates a brand suitable for market trends, and makes Wanshida wooden door the best

in China's home furnishing market, there has been a "whole wood home decoration fever" in the past two years. Driven by the market, both first-line brands, as well as second and third tier brands, have transformed one after another, hoping to use the whole wood home decoration development model to seize more market share. Some of these enterprises have made the whole wood home decoration popular, while others are very insipid. Behind the popularity and insipidity, there are many ideas and sweat. Mr. Liang Zequan, chairman of Wanshida wood industry, will explain to you the story behind the rapid development of Wanshida whole wood home decoration

operate the whole wood home decoration with a perfectionist mentality

the capacity of the whole wood home decoration market must be there, and it is gradually increasing. The whole wood customization itself is a high-end customized product, and the production is greatly limited. Although many enterprises are joining this industry, customized products are not easy to increase, so in general, the demand should be greater than the supply. Therefore, the participating enterprises still have a lot of room for survival and development

the transformation of Wanshida from raw wood door to whole wood home furnishing will bring changes to dealers mainly due to the increase of high-end demand in the market, which will have a relatively large increase in his sales performance and sales, which should be a new opportunity for merchants

for consumers, in the past, high-end products were basically standardized, such as high-end wood furniture, American furniture and European furniture. They were standardized and modular, so there was no personalization. Now, the high-end household products made by the whole wood household industry have added personalized factors and many choices. For example, in terms of wood species, color, material, and style, it has a diversified combination, which can be customized. Let more consumers who like logs and authentic wood products have more choices

transformation can bring advantages to dealers

the scope of whole wood furniture is much larger than that of wooden doors. It covers a wide range of fields, such as wallboards, ceilings, luxurious dental braces, furniture and so on. And these need to be customized on site. The design graphics brought by many consumers are composite design schemes, so once they are converted to logs, businesses and manufacturers must be familiar with the technical aspects of log products and the practice of converting log products

it is necessary to adjust the layout, the design of products, and the combination with production to ensure that it can be designed and made. It should be reasonable and the style should be adjusted. Therefore, the first challenge for businesses and manufacturers is to have a design team and a familiar installation and measurement team. Another is that it also needs to increase the hardware of its storefront. For example, the original requirements for a single wooden door are not so high, but if you want to make a whole wooden home, you must have enough things. In addition to the display door, you must also show the furniture, living room, bedroom, kitchen, office furniture, dining room series, wallboard, ceiling, etc. you must have enough space to show, and you must do experiential display, The area is at least twoorthree square meters, or even fivehundred square meters, or even twothousand square meters. It's a big shop on the roadside. Therefore, the investment in hardware and personnel should be much larger than before

develop and improve from the original basis and operate the newly developed dealers in two steps

develop and improve from the original basis and operate the newly developed dealers in two steps at the same time. First of all, we must first cultivate the original and well-developed businesses and help them grow. This is our original plan. Then when you come to a new business, you won't say that it's not outstanding, but relatively speaking, we won't easily let it step into this threshold. If it's already done, help it. But for the new one, we think that we will start the project with him and develop it after we choose whether it can meet the relatively comprehensive conditions

enterprises give strong support to dealers

if ordinary businesses do not have the help of enterprises, for example, in the initial stage, including the design of store image, the design layout of orders, personnel training, installation measurement and final construction, they all need the help and training of enterprises, otherwise, they will walk slowly and have a greater chance of making mistakes

overcome the changes brought about by transformation

overcome these problems from several aspects: 1. Talents, designers, in addition to understanding layout design and home decoration design, should also understand product design, and understand the problems that can be avoided in the production process; 2. In addition to the designers, there should also be guidance personnel for the installation and measurement of the whole dealer. In this way, we can reduce the problems of products that are finally on the market or engineering

for the future, we still need systematic construction in all aspects, including production management and internal system construction, including management and salary, so in general, whether our management level can keep up with the technology is good

at the beginning, there is still a process of exploration. After this process, it can be relatively smooth. Therefore, I believe that every family that makes whole wood home decoration must have some difficulties to break through in the first two years

in terms of production, there is a problem of time. Due to its customization, its orders are not in your plan. It either doesn't come, or it may be several companies when it comes. Then whether the personnel can keep up at once is related to the ability of practice

to solve the problems of production technology and staffing after the transformation

in the area of talents, it is not possible to completely relocate the original wood door production personnel, but it is still necessary to add some technical talents in furniture making. It happens that talents in this field are hard to find, because these furniture production personnel basically focus on mass and standardized production. However, the whole wood furniture we make now is customized, so even the recruited furniture production personnel may not have the experience of customization, so it is difficult to recruit personnel. When recruited, they need continuous internal training to slowly run in

Wanshida has always attached great importance to the allocation and reserve of talents. Now a large number of talents will be added every year, and the number of talents in all aspects will increase. The number is enough. But quality, I think, is not enough. Relatively speaking, my own requirements are relatively high. It should be said that I should be in a perfect state. I am a perfectionist, so I still feel that this aspect is not enough, the quantity is enough, but the quality is not enough

fierce competition, meet the future

this customized product, its threshold is not very high, the so-called threshold is not high, its investment amount does not need to be very large to do, but also participate. Just to say which one can do faster, more smoothly, bigger and more comfortable, then different people have different opinions

Wanshi has a history of making raw wood doors for more than ten years, and has rich experience in wood products. In the future whole wood home decoration market, our core competitiveness has several aspects: 1. We have many years of experience in the production process of log products, which is our original; 2. In recent years, through hard construction, we will move towards a brand operation, including products. I think we should have serialization and systematization. We can't say that people take a single order, but you just make a single order without thinking. We should guide consumption, make our production as orderly as possible, have our own ideas and ideas, and have Chinese, European, French and American products in style, All of them should be involved. I think this is our advantage. We should highlight our own opinions and propositions

there is a certain foundation for the sales network and brand awareness of the market, so the most important thing for us now is to straighten out all links of our production and make products that make dealers more comfortable

dare to adjust strategies, respond to changes with constancy, Wanshida wooden door continues to move towards brilliance, build a brilliant career belonging to Wanshida, and do a good job in every product, with infinite future, facing the sun, and moving towards brilliance




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