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Suddenly a warm wind came all night

there was water everywhere

water droplets oozed from the walls

the floor was wet

there was a trace of water stains on the mirror

I felt mushrooms growing on my head

the misty windows were full of tears

blurred the hurried pedestrians outside the window

I opened the window and found that the whole world was in fog and rain

wet weather

. wet the eyes

also wet the heart

wet the heart is gloomy How to eliminate boredom

returning to the South leads to wet, cloudy and humid weather factors, which are easy to induce bad emotions, and emotional fluctuations of irritability, depression and anxiety. I don't want to be "moldy" with the wet weather. I get up in the morning and breathe deeply and stretch; Stand by the window when you are upset; Take a rest at noon; Exercise in the afternoon can effectively regulate mood and drive away depression

what if the clothes don't dry

clothes that have cooled for a few days in the South can not be dried, but can be wrung out of the water. You can use a hair dryer, an iron, a clothes dryer and an electric fan to dry them. Different measures should be taken according to different materials to prevent clothes from moisture. Cotton clothes are easy to absorb water, so they can be sealed with waterproof bags and stored in the wardrobe with a small amount of desiccant; Leather products are most afraid of moisture, and should be dried immediately in case of water. When drying, it is best to cover a layer of cloth to protect the luster of the fur

what about moldy furniture

damp weather is easy to cause moldy problems in ceilings, walls, wallpapers, floors, furniture, etc., thus affecting the life of the home

1. Leather furniture: it is best to put desiccant to dehumidify, and use a soft dry cloth to wipe off the surface moisture, while the mildew can be removed with a mold remover and then coated with leather maintenance oil; For leather sofa, consider putting some desiccant appropriately to keep it dry

metal furniture: in case of rust, it should be brushed off in time. It can be brushed off with dishwashing cloth or toothbrush stained with rust inhibitor, and then polished with a dry cloth; If iron furniture is found to have rust spots, it should be repaired in time

2. Solid wood furniture: stick some paper or plastic paper with good water absorption on the surface of the wood furniture to deal with the water drops on the wood furniture. You can dip a special wood furniture detergent on the dry cloth. This kind of detergent can form a protective film on the surface of the wood furniture, to some extent, to prevent the water vapor from penetrating into the interior of the wood furniture. In addition, there is a good way to prevent the moisture of the wood furniture, It is to stick some absorbent paper or plastic paper on the surface of wood furniture

3. Fabric sofa: if moisture invades the fabric sofa, the problem of dust mites must be dealt with for a long time. Fabric sofa should use a special vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust on its surface. It is best to use sofa towels with good water absorption performance and wash them often

back to the south, pay attention to close the windows in the morning and evening to prevent moist air from entering the room, especially the windows facing south must be closed firmly to improve the indoor temperature and reduce the humidity. But if the doors and windows at home are not well sealed, it will not play a role in preventing moisture. Therefore, when choosing doors and windows, we should see whether its moisture-proof and sealing performance is superior

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