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The decoration contract is an agreement between the owner and the construction team to clarify the rights and obligations of both parties. In the case of imperfect decoration market legislation, the contract is the main basis for solving decoration project disputes. Therefore, it is particularly important to sign a contract before decoration. The home decoration contract should specify the following main terms: the names, contact addresses, and telephones of both parties to the contract. This term should preferably be accompanied by a copy of the Contractor's ID card, a copy of the business license, and an out of town construction certificate issued by the Contractor's hometown or unit. After verification, it should be used as an annex to the contract, in case of serious project quality problems in the future, the responsible person can be found. The location, area and specific construction items of the decoration project should be as detailed as possible according to the construction drawings. If the contract or design needs to be modified during construction, a written modification agreement must be signed

contracting methods usually include labor and materials contracting, labor and materials contracting, labor and materials contracting, and auxiliary materials contracting. You can choose one of them and agree whether subcontracting and subcontracting are allowed

decoration cost and its payment method, period and amount decoration cost can be paid in lump sum or in installments according to progress. Most bedroom decoration projects adopt the method of paying decoration fees by stages according to the progress of the project, but you must clearly specify the specific payment time and amount in the contract, and retain about 10% of the decoration fees until the completion of project acceptance and your check-in time is over two months, because many project quality problems can only be found after check-in, and retaining a part of the decoration fees will make your project maintenance relatively secure

the construction basis and completion standards, quality acceptance standards, design drawings and renderings, processes and schedules shall be signed and confirmed by both parties as annexes to the contract. These documents are the basis for the construction of the engineering team and the standard of completion acceptance. As for the project quality acceptance standard is a relatively complex professional and technical problem, you may wish to agree in the contract that the project quality can be accepted according to the provisions such as the "provisions on quality acceptance of Beijing family decoration projects (Trial)". Although it is impossible for you to check and accept according to the standards, there are clear provisions in the contract, which will restrict the construction behavior

the decoration project period and the liability for breach of contract engineering team usually undertake several engineering projects at the same time, and the construction behavior is cross. Therefore, you must agree on the project period and liability for breach of contract to ensure that the room decoration project can be completed on schedule. During the project period, the decoration materials are generally kept by the construction team temporarily staying in your home. Some construction teams take this opportunity to steal the decoration materials or exchange them for good. Therefore, you'd better agree in the contract that the decoration materials shall be kept by the project contractor. If they are lost or replaced, the Contractor shall be liable for compensation. Warranty period the warranty period of decoration works is generally one year. If the contractor agrees, you may also wish to agree on a longer warranty period




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