Decorate first or buy furniture first

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After the completion of the new house, many people are faced with such a problem: is it to buy furniture after decoration, or to buy furniture before deciding on the decoration plan? The expert's suggestion is to determine the style, color, size and price of furniture before decorating the house, and then formulate the decoration plan. Just like wearing, it unifies style, color and quality

the traditional idea of buying furniture after decoration ignores the relationship between furniture and the three major elements of decoration: function, vision and material. If you decorate without knowing the specific size of furniture, the result is often like buying clothes without asking for size, either too big or too small, or the color and style do not match. This function may be available, but it is difficult to meet visually. This is why some people can't find a suitable piece of furniture all over the city after the house is decorated

furniture and decoration are based on three elements: function, vision and material. The decoration of houses and the allocation of furniture are also inseparable from the pursuit of their functions. However, as a person who pursues spiritual life, only functional satisfaction is not enough, and visual satisfaction is also extremely important. The materials and functions of decorative materials are closely related. High quality materials and fine processing bring visual, tactile and psychological satisfaction at the same time




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