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Serverside's new digital printing technology can reduce costs

in the current environment, it is very important to find ways to reduce costs to solve the payment card problem. With this in mind, serverside group, a global technology company, has launched an integrated digital card production and marketing solution, which can significantly save costs and meet the choice needs of consumers

with the one customer one card (one cust large LCD data status; force measurement accuracy ± 1% Omer one card) solution, issuers can manage their existing card plans at a much lower cost than traditional methods. They can also easily launch new card programs in a short time. Even a short period of operation is cost-effective, which means that the issuing institution can now target and profit from the close partners and cooperative brands that were too small in the past

this protected solution was developed by serverside group in four years. It is applicable to credit card, debit card and gift card programs and can be produced on demand when customers need it. This is a change for the past. In the past, cards were pre printed in one factory, then transported to another factory, and finally kept in the storage room until they were taken out when needed

on demand printing is an efficient way to produce payment cards, because it eliminates the guesswork when estimating the number of cards required for a plan over time. Guesswork will incur huge costs due to over ordering, transportation and inventory management

the digital printing used in the one household one card solution can produce higher quality cards than the existing digital printing machines, and enable an unlimited number of designs and brands to appear on a printed card at the same time. For the comprehensive results output by the issuer, this means great flexibility; Turning the knob to the corresponding range position means unlimited choices for consumers

in addition, the upper management interface means that card programs and related marketing activities can be launched, managed and adjusted in real time. This is the first time in the history of card sellers to promote the operation process, not vice versa

Adam Elgar, President of serverside group, commented:

by adding a layer of technology to the technology and hardware that have been used for many years, one card per household has realized the on-demand manufacturing of cards. The system is far more efficient than the current process, so that high-quality cards can be produced quickly and economically. This brings more choices to consumers, flexibility to issuers, and total cost savings that the industry desperately needs

editor's note:

about serverside

serverside group was founded in 2003. It is a global technology leader in digital card design and a provider of innovative software solutions for issuers, personalization Bureauu and card manufacturers. The company's three flagship products are:

allaboutme: a web-based application that allows cardholders to design their own unique payment cards

virtual portfolio: a web-based management tool that enables issuers to quickly launch card plans of any scale, adjust them in real time and print cards on demand

one card per household: 2. An enterprise level card design, marketing Management and digital printing solutions to achieve high-quality, low-cost and scalable on-demand card implementation

serverside group has implemented more than 700 card programs through a network of about 200 card issuers in 23 countries, thus establishing its market leading position. Its customers include Royal Bank of Scotland Group, savadell bank, ING Group, permanent TSB, ANZ, BMW, KBC, advanta, Fortis, eurobank, Omaha first national bank and heritage building society. Headquartered in London, serverside has offices in Taipei, New York, Chicago and Auckland

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