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New economic concept on drug packaging boxes

with the intensification of competition in the industry, the new concept that is gradually being recognized by the industry is that you don't have to blindly save money on drug packaging boxes. If you choose a better cardboard, you don't have to spend more money, and you may also find a small new economic growth point

two cardboard boxes from two pharmaceutical factories, one with bright white background and bright color, and one with embossed raised pattern; The other has a dim gray background and old colors; Take it up and touch it. The former feels smooth and gently squeezed, and the fingers can feel the elasticity and the straightness of the box; The latter feels rough and astringent, and it is easy to lose its original shape when it is slightly squeezed. Obviously, the former represents a new trend of drug packaging

with the intensification of competition in the industry, the new concept that is gradually being recognized by insiders is that there is no need to blindly save money on drug packaging boxes. If you choose better cardboard, you may not spend more money, and you may also find a small new economic growth point

I. misunderstanding of choice concept

on the choice of cardboard, many enterprises have several misunderstanding of concept. For example, using high-grade paperboard to replace 300g paperboard with lower price does not need the same gram, usually 250g. However, when domestic enterprises switch to high-grade white paperboard, they still insist on choosing 300g paperboard, resulting in unnecessary waste; Some enterprises believe that only high-grade packaging cardboard is selected when the price of drugs is high. For low-cost drugs, of course, cheap cardboard is selected; Even some enterprises require to cover the printed paperboard with film because the low-cost paperboard is not clear enough, which not only increases the cost, but also is not environmentally friendly. The main reasons for enterprises to enter these misunderstanding are that domestic enterprises do not have a strong sense of packaging economy and do not pay enough attention to it. In addition, the negative lessons of health care products have also prompted some pharmaceutical enterprises to form these misunderstanding. Because the packaging of some health care products in the market is too fancy and flashy, many domestic pharmaceutical enterprises have formed the idea that the packaging box should not be too gorgeous

II. Introducing "yield" to improve revenue

at present, the paperboard used for drug packaging boxes mainly includes gray bottom white board paper with recycled pulp as raw material, white bottom white board paper and white board paper with fresh pulp as raw material. As far as white cardboard is concerned, the market is mainly divided into SBS and FBB. The former uses bleached chemical pulp as raw material and has a two-layer structure, which is characterized by high whiteness, but poor stiffness and thickness of the same gram weight paperboard; The latter uses bleached chemical pulp as the surface layer and bottom layer of the paperboard, and uses mechanical pulp as the raw material to form the middle layer to form a three-layer paperboard. It is characterized by high thickness and good hardness under the condition of the same gram weight, thus bringing good die-cutting effect and crease effect. Due to the difference of paperboard structure, the weight of paperboard with the same thickness and stiffness will be different. At present, the pricing of white cardboard is based on the weight, but the pricing of medicine boxes is based on the number, that is, under the premise of the same weight of white cardboard, the thickness and stiffness of white cardboard are the same. If a lower gram weight is selected, the printing area will be relatively large, the box delivery rate will be improved, and the cost of a single box will be reduced

for this reason, someone introduced the concept of "yield": when the thickness and stiffness of white cardboard are the same, the percentage of the difference in gram weight of different white cardboard is called yield. For example, there are two kinds of white cardboard with the same thickness and stiffness. One kind of white cardboard has a gram weight of 300g, and the other has a gram weight of 27. At the same time, activities such as "China's good" material owners "selection and award ceremony, annual upstream and downstream innovative product display, investment environment video collection, and Council exchange of China Singapore Timber Association were held. The yield of 270g white cardboard was 10% compared with 300g white cardboard. In other words, if you choose 270g white cardboard, you will gain 10% more

III. packaging can also create value

today, the homogenization of products is becoming more and more obvious, and the external packaging of products is becoming an effective way to distinguish their own products from other products

in recent years, with the rapid development of information technology and the pharmaceutical packaging industry, the international paper industry is also constantly infiltrating into the packaging field. According to the characteristics of different industries and the special requirements of different products for packaging, various products with crisp, economical and reasonable appearance that can strengthen the production source supervision by local market supervision departments to meet the users' anti-counterfeiting, personalized design and easy printing are developed

the quality of drugs is closely related to the packaging technology, packaging materials and automation level of drugs. But at present, the whole industry is still in a relatively primitive state in the design of outer packaging and the selection of paperboard. In particular, over the years, the vast majority of domestic drugs have been sold to patients through hospitals. Patients have almost no right to choose drugs, so there is no drug packaging. With the reform of the medical system and the implementation of the management of stopping halfway after drug classification and unloading, the proportion of patients choosing drugs by themselves has greatly increased, and the beautiful packaging can have an impact on consumers' vision, generate a sense of trust in the quality of drugs, and thus improve their desire to buy. Therefore, pharmaceutical enterprises should pay enough attention to packaging appearance, packaging design and external packaging quality. Especially for OTC drugs, packaging will be an important means of market competition

it seems that there are a lot of economic knowledge on drug packaging boxes, which is worthy of serious study by pharmaceutical enterprises

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