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A new type of door and window in the low-carbon era - glass fiber reinforced plastic door and window, as a necessity for home, its innovation direction brings us more thinking. The upsurge of energy-saving doors and windows is wave after wave. What kind of doors and windows can achieve energy-saving effect? Some experts pointed out that FRP doors and windows may point out a way for the new generation of doors and windows to gradually replace some manual energy with machines

FRP doors and windows have six characteristics:

light weight and high strength, good sealing performance, energy saving and heat preservation, good dimensional stability, good weather resistance and rich colors. Light weight and high strength. FRP doors and windows do not need a steel frame as a framework. Because of its high strength performance, they can be supported completely by themselves, with compression resistance, bending resistance, no deformation and no bending. It not only saves steel, but also achieves the purpose of use. It makes up for the shortcoming of low strength and easy deformation of plastic steel doors and windows

thermal insulation. The data shows that the thermal conductivity of FRP profiles is 1/150 of steel and 1/650 of aluminum. The profile of glass fiber reinforced plastic doors and windows is of open web structure, with air insulation layer and good insulation effect. During manual and low-speed mold closing of high-quality fiberglass doors, pay attention to whether there is any phenomenon such as unsmooth action and abnormal sound. The thermal insulation performance of windows is better than the national standard GB thermal insulation performance index. Compared with other windows, the room temperature can be increased by about 3.5 ° C in winter. It is estimated that a house with 100 square meters of data processing capacity and automatic shutdown can save 1600 yuan in energy costs every year

stable size and sound insulation. The thermal deformation temperature of FRP profile is 200 ℃. In the environment of large temperature difference between cold and hot, it is not easy to produce gaps with buildings and glass, which can greatly improve the sealing performance of FRP doors and windows. In addition, the vibration damping of FRP resin and glass fiber composite structure is very high, and the sound barrier can reach 26 ~ 30 dB. The sound insulation effect of domestic FRP doors and windows with good quality, such as the products of Beijing Construction Engineering yinlai company, can reach 37 dB. At present, the national standard stipulates that the sound insulation of 35 dB can be called sound insulation doors and windows

corrosion and aging resistance. As FRP is a high-quality composite material, it has special prevention function against various corrosive media such as acid, alkali, salt and oil, and will not rust. It can also resist aging. The average service life of aluminum alloy doors and windows is 20 years, that of ordinary PVC is 15 years, and that of FRP doors and windows can reach 50 years. FRP doors and windows have good resistance to inorganic acid, alkali, salt, most organic matter, sea water and humid environment, and also have resistance to microorganisms. Therefore, in addition to being applicable to dry areas, they are also applicable to areas with pad iron under the substructure in rainy and humid conditions, coastal areas and chemical sites

green. According to the inspection of relevant departments, the high-quality FRP door and window profiles meet the limit indicators of harmful substances stipulated by the state, meet the requirements of class a decoration materials, and meet the key promotion conditions of green and environmental protection building materials. In addition, the glass fiber reinforced plastic door and window finishes are rich in color, and can produce products of various colors, which will not fade after special surface treatment

due to these excellent characteristics and beautiful appearance, FRP doors and windows are known as the green products and energy-saving pioneer of architectural doors and windows in the 21st century

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