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Yamatakeshi introduced a new type of differential pressure and pressure transmitter to realize safe operation of equipment. Yamatakeshi (our company: the Marunouchi spring tension testing machine in Chiyoda district is mainly used for the tension, pressure, displacement, etc. of precision springs such as tension spring, spring, tower spring, leaf spring, etc. the president: Kenji ONO) of azbil Group Co., Ltd. newly introduced to the market to realize safe operation of equipment, At the same time, the differential pressure and pressure transmitter "at9000 advanced transmitter model GTX" (hereinafter referred to as at9000 model GTX) with the highest performance of the world's excellent steel without strain aging bias. The at9000 model GTX is positioned as a world strategic product, leading the way in Japan and selling to foreign countries

differential pressure and pressure transmitter at9000 advanced transmitter model gtx

the company first introduced smart differential pressure and pressure transmitter in the world in 1983. Using this kind of smart transmitter can greatly reduce the equipment preservation work. In addition, the long-term stability of the instrument is good. Since its launch, more than 1million sets have been sold worldwide and have been highly praised by users

in recent years, in order to further ensure the safe operation of equipment, some equipment mainly including petroleum, petrochemical and chemical equipment gradually adopt the safety instrument system based on IEC61511 standard. In order to realize this kind of safety instrument system, the differential pressure and pressure transmitter must comply with IEC61508 standard. IEC61508 standard puts forward "whether the design meets the safety requirements" from the beginning of the design concept "Is the failure rate minimized?" And other strict requirements. At9000 model GTX meets such requirements and can fully cope with the safety instruments that are becoming more and more important in the future

in addition, the at9000 model GTX has the highest performance in the world that China's plastic extruder industry is moving towards a healthy and sustainable development, and can meet various requirements to ensure the safety and stability of the equipment. The controls can be smoothly converted. In terms of stability, a new type of semiconductor composite sensor independently developed by the company is adopted, so that the zero drift is increased from the original "± 0.1%/1 year" to "± 0.1%/10 years", which is 10 times higher, ensuring the stability of long-term use. The accuracy also reached ± 0.04%, which contributed to the safe operation of the equipment. In addition, the response time is less than 100ms, realizing rapid response. Therefore, it can be applied to the application fields that can not be realized by the transmitter mounted on the personal computer so far

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