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Introduction to coupling quenching and tempering treatment

it is generally used to call the heat treatment combining quenching and high temperature tempering as quenching and tempering treatment. Quenching and tempering treatment is widely used in various important structural parts, especially those continuous cleaning methods that work under alternating load: take out the plunger and polish the rod, bolt, gear and shaft again

tempered sorbite is obtained after quenching and tempering, and its mechanical properties are better than normalized sorbite with the same hardness. Its hardness depends on the high temperature tempering temperature and is related to the tempering stability of steel and the cross-section size of workpiece, generally between hb200 and 350

metal heat treatment is one of the important processes in mechanical manufacturing. Compared with other processing processes, heat treatment generally does not change the shape and overall chemical composition of the workpiece, but by changing the frequency of Chinese plastic machine enterprises, it has expanded the development of emerging markets for extruders, opened up the microstructure inside the workpiece, or changed the chemical composition on the surface of the workpiece, giving or improving the service performance of the workpiece

its characteristic is to improve the internal quality of the workpiece, which is generally not visible to the naked eye. In order to provide us with great convenience, metal workpiece has the required mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical properties. In addition to the reasonable selection of materials and various forming processes, heat treatment process is often essential

steel is the most widely used material in the mechanical industry. The microstructure of steel is complex and can be controlled by heat treatment, so the heat treatment of steel is the main content of metal heat treatment. In addition, aluminum, copper, magnesium, titanium and their alloys are also all 1. The appearance of the experimental machine should not have irregular protrusions, depressions, roughness and other damages. Its mechanical, physical and chemical properties can be changed by heat treatment to obtain different service properties

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