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Introduction to the production project of 20000 tons of kraft paperboard in Hailin City

I. project content:

in recent years, domestic packaging paperboard has developed in the direction of high-grade, high-quality and low quantitative. Kraft paperboard produced by paper stacking machine is of good quality and high grade, and is deeply welcomed by users in the market. Therefore, it is proposed to build a kraft cardboard production line with an annual output of 20000 tons

II. Market analysis:

in recent years, the net demand for Kraft linerboard and kraft linerboard in China has increased by about 500000 tons per year. There should be no peeling and scattering phenomenon. Due to good domestic quality and low output of high-grade products, it can not meet the market demand. If BYD releases the power battery market, the import volume of kraft linerboard and kraft linerboard has also increased year by year. The project plans to use domestic advanced paper stacker to produce kraft paperboard, which can fully ensure the requirements of good product quality and high grade. According to the market forecast, all the products of the project are sold in China, accounting for only about 0.75% of the market demand. The host machine should have safety protection measures, and the market potential is large

III. investment scale:

the total investment is 49.77 million yuan, fixed assets are 40.33 million yuan, and working capital is 9.44 million yuan

IV. benefit analysis:

the annual sales revenue is 69.36 million yuan, the annual sales profit is 13.62 million yuan, the annual sales tax is 2.9 million yuan, the investment profit rate is 27%, and the investment payback period is 4.6 years

for the above situation

source: Heilongjiang Mudanjiang business window local business window

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