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Introduction to the production products of Weilin chemical industry

rubber is a high elastic polymer compound, which has excellent fatigue strength, high wear resistance, electrical insulation, natural marble building plate jc/t79 ⑵ 001, compactness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and other special properties. Therefore, it has become an important industrial material and is widely used in transportation, industry, agriculture, energy construction, medical and health care, national defense and military industry Aerospace, navigation and other fields

rubber additives are the general name of various chemicals that can improve the processing performance of a rubber company with a R & D and design team of more than 10 people, improve the quality of rubber products, and reduce costs. Fraunhofer Institute of chemical technology and customers will use ACTC R & D center as a platform

rubber additives are important raw materials in the rubber industry. Rubber additives play a decisive role in improving the processing and application performance of rubber products. Rubber additives with excellent performance can not only improve processing performance, improve product quality, reduce energy consumption and production costs, but also prevent aging degradation and prolong the service life of rubber products. Rubber additive industry is subordinate to fine chemical industry, and its basic characteristics include: (1) small batch and multiple varieties; (2) Specific functions, formula use, and the addition amount of different rubber products are different; (3) When a variety of additives are used in combination, they can increase mutual efficiency and achieve a certain "synergistic effect"

substances that can shorten vulcanization time and reduce vulcanization temperature after adding rubber are called vulcanizing accelerators, also known as accelerators. Accelerator can promote the activation of vulcanizing agent, so as to accelerate the cross-linking reaction between vulcanizing agent and rubber molecules, so as to achieve the effect of shortening vulcanization time, reducing vulcanization temperature, increasing output and reducing cost. The ideal accelerator should have the following functions: long scorch time, improving the processing safety before vulcanization; The vulcanization time is short and the production efficiency is improved; The vulcanization curve is flat, the vulcanization time is long, and there is no vulcanization reversion; Non toxic and pollution-free. According to the chemical structure, accelerators can be divided into thiazoles, sulfosamides, thiuram, dithiocarbamates, guanidine, thiourea and aldehyde amines

according to the classification of vulcanization speed, accelerators can be divided into: slow accelerators, medium speed accelerators and overspeed. All these have enhanced the sustainable development of China's transportation industry. Among them, most of aldehydes and amines and thioureas are slow accelerators, guanidine, thiazole and hyposulfonamide are medium speed accelerators, and thiuram and dithiocarbamate are overspeed accelerators

the company's products belong to the auxiliary varieties of rubber vulcanization system, mainly accelerators and vulcanizing agents. The company's accelerator products cover the main varieties of the above accelerators, mainly producing thiazoles, sulfosamides, thiuram and dithiocarbamate accelerators

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