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In recent years, with the rapid development of the mold industry, numerical control processing technology has been widely used. Numerical control equipment provides the basic conditions for the processing of precision and complex parts, but to achieve the expected processing effect, it is essential to compile high-quality numerical control programs. For simple mold parts, manual programming is usually used. For complex mold parts, CAM software is often needed to compile processing programs, such as pro/e, NX, PowerMILL, Mastercam, etc. Besides meeting the common functions provided by mainstream software, innovation also has some unique function highlights to meet the processing of complex mold parts

I. confirmation of minimum angle

during finish machining, the radius of the minimum tool used should be less than or equal to the fillet radius of the inner contour on the machined part, especially during corner machining, the tool with a radius less than the fillet radius of the corner should be selected to ensure that the mold is machined in place. If the mold data is large and the shape is relatively complex, it is not easy to see where the R angle is the smallest and what the radius is (see Figure 1). Innovation provides the function of confirming the minimum R angle, which can represent the R angle within the input range with area color or line, so that it is easy to determine the minimum tool used for machining

2. NC data pathing

when cooperating between upstream and downstream enterprises, sometimes drawings are transferred to each other, sometimes model data is transferred to each other, and sometimes NC code is only transferred. When only transferring the NC code, the downstream enterprise only has the NC code, and cannot see the processing method and processing position of the path. If the expression is not clear, it may cause errors such as poor processing, or when the downstream enterprise has no appropriate tools to modify, it is difficult to implement common software

innovation provides a function that common software cannot achieve, that is, the pathization of NC data. It can read the NC code generated by common software to generate the path. When generating the path, it can reset the parameters such as tool size, rotation speed, cutting amount, etc. It also provides functions such as routinization and curvilization of lines, which can realize the conversion between paths and curves

III. Calculation Method of task manager

calculation method of task manager is a very distinctive place of innovation software. The design of this function fully takes into account the feelings of customers

for example, the calculation method of task manager is adopted in the case of data conversion or calculation of processing path of innovation. This calculation method runs in the background, does not occupy the resources of the main program of innovation, and does not need to wait for the calculation time. You can continue the next operation in the process of its calculation. When you convert multiple files or calculate tool path with large amount of data, this method saves a lot of time

four, innovation two axis and three axis machining

the machining of innovation provides an intuitive "cam browser" interface, which can easily set or view various machining operations. Its toolbar icon is also a wizard, which can complete the whole process of machining from left to right. Even if you first contact innovation, you can get started quickly. It can take the CAD model created in the innovation or the imported three-dimensional model (supporting entities and surfaces) as the machining model to quickly generate the desired machining path and verify it. The machining operation setting is very simple, and the parameters such as the machining method and the forward and backward tool action can be easily set (see Figure 2 of accuracy: level 0.5)

v. innovation five axis machining

innovation can realize five axis fixed machining (see Figure 3), get rid of the bondage that the machining axis (-z axis) is always downward, and set the direction of the tool axis according to the directions of vector, 2 angle, 2 point, straight line, etc. The implication is that processing can be carried out after rotating an angle around some axes, which can realize the processing of difficult parts that cannot be achieved by three axes such as oblique wedge and negative angle. Provide a wealth of rough machining and finishing strategies, which can fully meet the needs of mold NC milling

VI. fast generation path speed and high accuracy

there are many kinds of cad/cam software now, and each has its own advantages in terms of function, and the calculation speed is always a very important factor that determines the quality of the software. The amount of product data processed by some enterprises is usually tens of megabytes or as high as hundreds of megabytes. Whether the software can quickly process this kind of big data is a technical indicator that enterprises pay special attention to. Innovation has extremely fast tool path calculation speed. High precision machining capability is another important feature of innovation. The tolerance setting of its tool path can be as low as 1 μ m。 Diversified machining strategies improve the machining accuracy and reduce the tool lift. The optimized tool path also shortens the machining time and greatly improves the efficiency

VII. Path interference check

when calculating the path, the tool handle interference check can be provided, and the interference information can be provided for the path where the interference occurs. The appropriate tool generation path can be selected according to the information in the interference information. When interference occurs, it can also automatically select the appropriate tool in the spare tool library to generate the machining path (see Figure 4). Innovation also provides the display function of interference area, which can display the tool path and interference surface of the interference area respectively, and take corresponding measures to avoid interference according to the displayed tool path and interference surface

VIII. Processing load display

innovation provides the calculation and display function of processing load. The calculation of load is also through the task manager. In the process of calculation, we can carry out the next operation without wasting operator time. After calculating the load, you can see the stress of the tool in the processing process through the color nephogram (see Figure 5). Corresponding measures can be taken according to the force condition of the tool to avoid the damage of the tool and machine tool caused by excessive force

IX. post processing setting

innovation provides a parameterized post-processing setting program (see Fig. 6 and Fig. 7). Users can set three-axis and five axis post-processing programs themselves, and set different post-processing files according to different machine tool attributes. After the post-processing setting is completed, it can be saved. When outputting the same path, they can select the appropriate post-processing program according to different machine tools for output

X. automatic generation of processing instructions

innovation automatically generates processing instructions in Excel format when outputting NC paths (see Figure 8), which can save manual input, save input time, and avoid poor processing caused by manual input errors. The template of the processing instruction can be set by yourself. According to the standard requirements of the enterprise, the template format of the processing instruction can be changed quickly and conveniently to meet different needs

Xi. Cam attribute connection

innovation is a software that csabic has always been committed to transforming challenges into opportunities. Provide the processing method of cam attribute connection (see Figure 9). According to the two-dimensional data (circle, arc) or three-dimensional data (cylindrical surface, conical surface, plane, etc.), the position, size and shape of the hole can be automatically recognized, and the corresponding processing path can be generated according to the selected standard processing technology. Standard holes are defined according to their properties (color, size, and type). Each type of standard hole can be stored by setting a standard processing process. The standard machining process includes all paths of holes from rough machining to finish machining. Therefore, in the later processing, a series of machining paths from rough machining to finish machining can be generated by directly calling the standard machining process according to the type of hole. In this way, the tedious work of selecting holes, setting the size of holes, setting the shape of holes, setting engineering operations and so on are eliminated in the future drilling, and the machining path can be generated directly according to the attributes of holes. The attribute setting of the hole can be that the designer sets it in the design module and directly transfers it to the processing module to generate the processing path, or the programmer directly sets the attribute of the hole in the processing module to generate the processing path

XII. Unique EPC machining

innovation provides a unique EPC design and processing module, which provides special functions for the processing characteristics of EPC. In the design and processing of the lost foam mold, it provides functions such as data sorting, surface blending, coloring, adding machining allowance together, data layering, coordinate system definition, negative angle elimination, splicing, generation path, path, path output and so on. The difference between it and other general functions such as manual layering and manual elimination of negative angles in other software lies in the advantages of powerful function, fast setting speed, simplicity and convenience. Using the functions of automatic layering, automatic elimination of negative angles, automatic splicing and so on in the special module of EPC will make the processing of EPC easier, more efficient, and better meet the needs of enterprises (see Figure 10)

to sum up, innovation software is an advanced 3D cad/cam integrated software that has been verified by the industry and accumulated decades of manufacturing experience. With the acceleration of localization research and development process, this software will bring great practical and long-term benefits to Chinese manufacturing customers. It can realize the processing path of high speed, high precision and high safety, so as to solve the problems of high product complexity, short production cycle, reducing the cost of enterprises, improving production and avoiding the use efficiency of organic solvents

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