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Color laser printer purchase strategy

in Europe and the United States and other developed countries, color laser printers are widely used in business office, government office and professional output fields. In order to meet multi-level needs, manufacturers have subdivided their printer products in the market, making their product layout clear; In the early domestic market, business office applications were not the mainstream, and the mainstream applications of color laser printers were basically delineated in the field of professional output. The user demand was relatively simple. HP jet fusion market could not digest the rapidly increasing lithium hydroxide product 3D printer to develop printing materials. With the maturing of the color printer market in recent years, the continuous improvement of printing technology, the continuous improvement of user demand, and the diversification of product applications, this diversification trend has brought certain difficulties to consumers' purchase. What kind of color printer products are suitable for my needs? To solve this problem, this paper will analyze the user needs and selling points of mainstream products from the three mainstream user groups targeted by most manufacturers at present, and give corresponding suggestions on the purchase of color printer products

three types of user groups, two technologies, and three representative products

with the increasing demand for domestic commercial color office and government color office, HP, Epson, Oki, Lexmark, Canon and other global printer manufacturers have set foot in the color printer market one after another, launching their own advantageous printing products and technologies, making the color printer market still sing in the lamented voice of the IT market

in the color printer market with endless products, in order to facilitate users to accurately lock in product needs and compare product performance, several major mainstream manufacturers have divided the user groups of products according to international standards. The divided user groups include: the first category is small and medium-sized enterprise office, small and medium-sized advertising design companies, etc; The second type is government colored office and medium-sized networked enterprise and institution office; The third category is professional output centers

for the above three types of user groups, major mainstream manufacturers have launched products to meet the corresponding needs, but there are many products, and the space is limited, so this article cannot list them one by one. Therefore, we subdivide our products according to the classification of color printing technology, which is popular in the international market at present, and we can distinguish the mainstream products represented by ordinary laser printing technology (laser), such as HP, Epson, lemarx, etc. Mainstream products with LED printing technology as the core, such as Oki, Fuji Xerox, etc.

in the field of ordinary color laser printers, Epson and HP are two more representative manufacturers. Their products have clear levels of differentiation, wide product lines, and occupy a large market share in the market. Before use, we should pay attention to check the fastening of the clamp hanging screws. In the field of LED printing technology, the most commendable is Oki company, which is currently popular in the European, American and Japanese markets. Its page color printer has opened a new era coexisting with the universal color laser printer in the global color printer market. Especially because of its great advantage in speed, according to IDC statistics, OKI color printer's market share in Europe has risen to the second place, second only to HP, and has also increased rapidly in North America and Japan, which has caused a great impact on the unified color laser printer market. This part will focus on the mainstream products of these three brands, and make a brief analysis of the technical performance of products according to the needs of different user groups

small and medium-sized enterprises and institutions, small and medium-sized advertising design companies - speed first, attention to color, care about the cost of this level of consumer groups have an increasing demand for color office, in the speed and accuracy of color output requirements of the best of both worlds. At the same time, because these users are mostly small and medium-sized office environments or SOHO families, improving office efficiency and enjoying high-quality office with pictures and texts have become the key. In terms of application, the use of color laser printer in business office is no longer limited to the output of general office documents. Users in many industries use it as a special output device in the industry, such as the use of color page printer by insurance companies to make personalized insurance policies, the transfer and printing of red headed documents between government authorities or cross regional departments within the company, etc

the factors that affect the printing speed are the optical processing technology of imaging, printing memory and processor performance. At present, the most mainstream products in this consumption field include HP clj 2500, Epson ALC 1900, and Oki c5300. In terms of optical processing technology, HP and Epson both adopt the "four times imaging" laser printing technology. Its process is to transmit all data signals to the light emitting device, and the emitted light is reflected by the rotating prism and imaged on the photosensitive drum. Oki products use a dense LED array as the light transmitter, which converts the data electrical signals into optical signals through the LED, and directly irradiates the photosensitive drum for imaging, The advantage of the latter is that the light source volume is reduced, the light transmission distance is short, and the light transmission is not limited by mechanical transmission. Secondly, in terms of print memory, HP clj 2500 and Oki c5300 are both 64M, and Epson ALC 1900 is 32m. In terms of processor performance, Oki c5300 is 400MHz, and the other two products are both 300MHz

through the above analysis, we come to the conclusion that for small and medium-sized color office users, when purchasing color printers, they should choose products of mainstream technology. The minimum standard memory capacity is 32m, and the speed of MHz processor can be maintained at a good level. In terms of color and black-and-white printing speed, at present, the color printing speed of mainstream products can be increased to 4ppm (4 pages per minute) - 20ppm. The color printing speed of HP clj 2500 and Epson ALC 1900 is 4ppm, that of black-and-white printing is 16ppm, that of Oki c5300 is 12ppm, and that of black-and-white printing is known to be 20ppm

the physical printing resolution of economic color printers is mostly 600 Iacute; 600dpi, such as Epson ALC 1900, although the physical resolution is 600 Iacute; 600dpi, but through image/resolution enhancement technology, the printout can be equivalent to 600 Iacute; 1200dpi output effect; Another example is that HP clj 2500 products provide 600 × 600dpi resolution, but using imageret2400 resolution enhancement technology, its effect can also reach 600 Iacute; 1200dpi。 Unlike the former two, Oki c5300 adopts the third generation of super strong led imaging technology that can automatically balance colors, making its physical resolution reach 600 Iacute in one step; 1200dpi output effect

users of small and medium-sized enterprises or SOHO people generally have a small office scale and are used to calculating carefully. Naturally, they have a lot of considerations about printing costs. However, in terms of cost considerations, sometimes users are easy to fall into a misunderstanding and think that as long as the purchase cost is cheap, the cost is saved. In fact, the total cost of ownership of the color printer includes the purchase cost and all the input costs of the whole life cycle of the product, that is, the cost of consumables, the maximum working cycle, the cost of waiting time, whether it has double-sided printing, and so on

among several mainstream models, three products have the function of double-sided printing. In terms of waiting time, the 14 seconds of Oki c5300, 29 seconds of HP clj 2500 and 25 seconds of Epson ALC 1900 are highly competitive among other models of the same grade. At present, the maximum monthly load of color laser printers on the market can basically reach more than 30000 pieces/month, with an average of 1000 pieces per day, which should be able to meet the office requirements. The printing load of HP clj 2500 and Epson ALC 1900 can reach 30000 pages per month. The cost of a single page is RMB 0.20 for black and white, and RMB 1.00 for color/color, while the cost of consumables of Oki c5300 is 50000 pages per month, RMB 0.20 for black and white, and RMB 0.617 for color/shows a slight advantage

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