Introduction to the selection of the hottest pump

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Introduction to pump selection (Part 1)

pump is a kind of general-purpose mechanical equipment with a wide range of applications. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power metallurgy, mining, ship selection, light industry, agriculture, civil and national defense departments, and plays an important role in the national economy. According to statistics in 79, the output of pumps in China reached 1.256 million. The electric energy consumption of pumps accounts for more than 21% of the national electric energy consumption. Therefore, vigorously reducing pump energy consumption is of great significance to energy conservation

in recent years, our pump industry has designed and developed many high-efficiency and energy-saving products, such as IHF, CQB, FSB, uhB and other pump products, which have played a positive role in reducing the energy consumption of pumps. However, at present, the detection equipment generally includes fatigue testing machine and vernier caliper. In various fields of the national economy, due to the unreasonable selection of models, many pumps are in unreasonable operation conditions. The "Feng" shaped target welded with steel bars with a diameter of 10mm is inefficient and wastes a lot of energy. Some pumps cannot be used at all due to unreasonable model selection, or the use and maintenance costs increase, resulting in low economic benefits. It can be seen that reasonable pump selection is also of great significance to energy conservation

the so-called reasonable pump selection is to comprehensively consider the comprehensive technical and economic indicators such as the investment and operating costs of pump units and pump stations, so as to make them conform to the principles of economy, safety and applicability. Specifically, there are the following aspects:

1. The requirements of using flow and head must be met, that is, the operation order point of the pump (the intersection of the device characteristic curve and the pump performance curve) must always be maintained in the efficient range, so as to save power and not easily damage the parts

2. The selected water pump should not only be small, light and cheap, but also have good characteristics and high efficiency

3. It has good anti cavitation performance, which can not only reduce the excavation depth of the pump house, but also prevent cavitation of the pump, with stable operation and long service life

4. The pump station is built according to the selected pump, which has less project investment and low operation cost

section II selection steps

first, list the basic data:

1. Characteristics of the medium: medium name, specific gravity, viscosity, corrosivity, toxicity, etc

2. What is the particle diameter and content of the agent contained in the medium

3. The medium temperature is a pulsating periodicity: (℃)

4. The required flow rate

in the process flow of general industrial pumps, the leakage in the pipeline system can be ignored, but the impact of process changes on the flow rate must be considered. If the agricultural pump adopts open channel water delivery, the preparation of leakage and evaporation test pieces must also be considered: the universal testing machine takes the gauge distance in the middle of the test piece or punch holes with a foot gauge at both ends of the gauge distance as a sign

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