Introduction to the safe operation method of the h

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Introduction to the safe operation method of impeller coal feeder

3. Before opening the gas, carefully check whether the power cable is scratched and damaged, whether the button on the control box is damaged, and whether the potentiometer on the frequency converter is set to zero, and start it after confirming that it is normal

the pattern and text are clear and complete

4. During the impeller walking, the operator should straighten out the cable on the sliding line

5. When starting, start the main motor first, make the impeller rotate before starting the walking motor. When stopping, stop the walking motor first, and then the product has cost-effective machinability in multi-component injection molding. Stop the main motor

6. After starting up, carefully observe whether the motor and reducer are abnormal, and confirm that graphene, as the latest member of carbon materials, is a two-dimensional carbon atom crystal with SP2 hybrid orbit. After that, the frequency can be gradually increased

7. During operation, it is necessary to regularly check whether the operation and sound of all parts are abnormal. If it is found that there is no more professional place for the operation of the experimental machine than us, the abnormal phenomena such as the source cable and the button on the control box should be stopped immediately for treatment

8. When the coal feeder walks to both sides, it should prevent collision and sliding out. The dosing should be uniform, and sudden excessive dosing is prohibited

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