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The 16th China Composites Exhibition: Toray, the leader of carbon fiber technology, has established its position as the world's largest carbon fiber manufacturer since it began manufacturing and selling high-performance carbon fibers in 1971. Toray carbon fiber has the characteristics of high strength, high elasticity, light weight, durability and so on. At the same time, it is famous for the stability and safety of products in the world. From the earliest aviation and space applications to sports and industrial applications. Recently, as a substitute of reinforcement materials for concrete structures, it is widely used in highways, railway bridges, tunnels, and buildings

T800 was introduced in the exhibition for the first time. According to the staff of Toray booth, in addition to the same products as in previous years, T800 was also introduced for the first time. The T800 and T300 samples we put in the showcase are real products. What customers see is our actual products. There is also a t620 carbon fiber product, which is specially developed for the wind power industry. In addition, in this exhibition, we also brought our customers products made of Toray carbon fiber, one is crucible, the other is wheel hub, which can let the audience see the application effect of Toray carbon fiber vividly

the application of carbon fiber in China is relatively backward

but Stanford's materials have a second-class and revolutionary cooling mechanism: allowing the heat emitted by the body to pass through the plastic fabric in the form of infrared rays to dissipate heat. Toray staff said that the application of carbon fiber in China is relatively backward compared with developed countries, mainly imported, and domestic carbon fiber is far from meeting the demand in terms of quality and output, There is still a long way to go in carbon fiber innovation. It is often after foreign countries have begun to use it in a certain industry that China began to develop, which is very passive

Toray carbon fiber cloth: the leader in the civil construction reinforcement industry

at the beginning of 2001, Toray introduced the Japanese original carbon fiber cloth ut70 series with ultra light, high strength, high elasticity and anti-corrosion characteristics into the civil construction reinforcement industry in China. Relying on the reinforcement experience accumulated in Japan for many years, Toray introduced the correct design concept and construction method into the Chinese market, and guided the healthy and stable development of China's reinforcement industry. Up to now, Toray has achieved a performance of nearly 2million square meters, contributing to China's civil construction reinforcement industry. For example, the reinforcement of the river crossing bridge, the reconstruction and reinforcement of old buildings, the adjustment of highway reinforcement, etc. Now, in order to meet the high-quality and low-cost needs of the Chinese market, Toray achieved the localization of carbon fiber cloth in 2010, further deepening and contributing to China's construction field

the specialty of Toray carbon fiber cloth construction method reinforced by strong and tough power

1. Due to its light weight, the handling is smooth, and the weight increase of structures after construction is quite small

2. It can also be used under severe environmental conditions because it is not subject to monitoring and acid corrosion

3. Due to the use of carbon fiber sheets with high strength and high elasticity, the same effect as that of steel plate reinforcement can be obtained

4. It can be closely connected with the surface of reinforced concrete and can be cut freely with the shape

5. The permeability of subsequent resin to avoid unsafe accidents is quite excellent, which not only makes the construction simple, but also shortens the construction period

about Toray (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

so far, Toray Co., Ltd. has made a cumulative equipment investment of 84 billion yen in order to carry out business in China. In order to further expand its business in the Chinese market, which continues to grow at an alarming rate, the company established Toray (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "TCH") in 2002. As the core of its business, Toray (China) Investment Co., Ltd. not only promotes the rapid development of its umbrella companies, but also integrates water treatment, composite materials The business functions of new business departments such as electronic information materials strive to comprehensively carry out the business of Toray group

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