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Introduction to the purchase list of labor protection articles

Abstract: the purchase of factories and enterprises will regularly purchase safety and labor protection articles for employees every month, but the specific items to buy need to be indicated in the list of labor protection articles, so what is the list of labor protection articles

types of protective articles

I. head protection articles

head protection in the field of intelligent textiles, large-scale fist and foot articles are personal protective articles to prevent the head from being hit by foreign objects and several other injection molding machine manufacturers will show a kind of harm against the utilization factors of injection and blow molding. According to the requirements of protective function, there are currently nine categories of products, including ordinary working cap, dust cap, waterproof cap, cold cap and safety cap. 4. It has power-off additional function cap, anti-static cap, anti high temperature cap, anti electromagnetic radiation cap and anti insect cap

II. Respiratory protective equipment

respiratory protective equipment is a protective equipment to prevent harmful gases, vapors, dust, smoke and fog from inhaling through the respiratory tract or directly supplying oxygen or purifying air to the dispenser, so as to ensure the normal breathing of operators in dust, toxic pollution or anoxic environment. Respiratory protective articles are mainly divided into dust masks and gas masks (masks) according to their functions, and can be divided into filter type and isolation type according to their forms

III. eye and face protective equipment

personal protective equipment to prevent smoke, dust particles, metal sparks and flying debris, heat, electromagnetic radiation, laser, chemical splash and other injuries to eyes or face is called eye and face protective equipment. According to the protection function, it can be roughly divided into nine categories: dust prevention, waterproof, middle strike prevention, high temperature prevention, electromagnetic radiation prevention, radiation prevention, chemical splash prevention, wind and sand prevention, and strong light prevention

at present, there are three types that are widely produced and used in China:

(1) welding goggles and masks. Prevent the hazards of non ionizing radiation, metal sparks and smoke. Welding goggles are divided into ordinary glasses, front hanging glasses and side light proof glasses; Welding masks are divided into holding masks, headband masks, helmet masks, helmet front glasses masks and other types

(2) furnace goggles and masks. Prevent the harm of infrared ray, a small amount of visible light and ultraviolet radiation from the furnace and kiln mouth to human eyes. Furnace goggles and masks are divided into goggles, eye masks and protective masks

(3) anti impact eye protectors. Prevent the impact damage to eyes caused by foreign objects such as iron filings, gray sand and gravel. Anti impact eye protectors are divided into protective glasses, eye masks and face masks. Protective glasses are divided into ordinary glasses and glasses with side shields. Eye masks and face masks are divided into open type and closed type

IV. hearing organ protective equipment

personal protective equipment that can prevent excessive sound energy from invading the external auditory canal, so that the human ear can avoid the excessive stimulation of noise, reduce hearing damage, and prevent the adverse effects of noise on the human body. Hearing organ protective articles mainly include earplugs, earmuffs and noise proof helmets

v. hand protective articles

have the function of protecting hands and arms. Gloves for operators to wear when working are called hand protective articles, which are usually called labor protective gloves. According to the classification and code standard of labor protection articles, hand protection articles are divided into 12 categories: ordinary protective gloves, waterproof gloves, cold gloves, poison gloves, anti-static gloves, high temperature gloves, X-ray gloves, acid and alkali gloves, oil gloves, shockproof gloves, cutting gloves and insulating gloves

VI. foot protective equipment

foot protective equipment is a protective device to prevent harmful substances and energy from damaging workers' feet in the production process. It is usually called labor protective shoes. According to the protection function, the national standard is divided into 13 categories: dust-proof shoes, waterproof shoes, cold proof shoes, impact proof shoes, anti-static shoes, high temperature proof shoes, acid and alkali proof shoes, oil proof shoes, anti scalding shoes, anti slip shoes, anti puncture shoes, electrical insulation shoes, shock proof shoes, etc

VII. Trunk protective equipment 1. The minimum elongation of 10 inches (250mm) after copper rod heating, smelting or annealing is 30%

trunk protective equipment is what we usually call protective clothing. According to the protective function, protective clothing is divided into 14 categories of products, including ordinary protective clothing, waterproof clothing, cold clothing, anti smashing back clothing, anti poison clothing, flame retardant clothing, anti-static clothing, anti high temperature clothing, anti electromagnetic radiation clothing, acid and alkali resistant clothing, anti oil clothing, water life jackets, anti insects, wind and sand

VIII. Skin care products

skin care products are used to prevent the skin (mainly exposed parts such as face and hands) from being harmed by chemical, physical and other factors. According to the protective function, skin care products are divided into anti-virus, anti radiation, anti paint and other categories

IX. fall prevention supplies

fall prevention supplies are used to prevent the human body from falling from height. Through ropes, the body of the high-altitude operator is tied to a fixed object or stretched under the edge of the workplace to prevent accidental fall. These supplies mainly include safety belts and safety belts

the above is the list of main products that need to be purchased for labor protection supplies. These supplies are necessary for the operation of the enterprise factory at present. As a purchasing agent, you should have a simple understanding of these items

the purchase of factories and enterprises will regularly purchase safety and labor protection products for employees every month, but what items do you need to buy, why do you need them, and what is the order of importance? Next, let's have a brief understanding of the purchase list and specific uses of labor protection products

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