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Introduction to NC machine tool programming

this book is a textbook for the "NC programming technology" course of NC technology application major in Higher Vocational and technical colleges. The whole book is divided into two parts: manual programming and automatic programming. In the automatic programming part, taking MasterCAM software as an example, the relevant knowledge of computer-aided programming is introduced, and the NC machining process, NC lathe programming, NC milling machine programming, machining center programming, two-dimensional graphic loose drawing between them, two-dimensional tool path programming, three-dimensional graphic drawing, three-dimensional tool path programming and so on are introduced respectively. According to the basic requirements of higher vocational education, the content of this book is popular, compact, step by step, in simple terms. There are rich examples in the book, which are easy to teach, learn and use. Nouns in the book. New national standards shall be adopted for terms and definitions. The readers of this book are students majoring in numerical control technology application, mold manufacturing, mechatronics and mechanical experiment mechanism of mechanical copper plastic composite plate in Higher Vocational Colleges and relevant engineering and technical personnel

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Chapter 1 NC machining program and NC machining process

section 1 overview of NC machine tools

section 2 types and applications of NC machine tools

section 3 programming

thinking and practice

Chapter 2 NC lathe programming

section 1 NC lathe programming basics

section 2 NC lathe programming methods

section 3 programming examples

Chapter 3 NC milling machine programming

Section 1 NC milling machine processing and programming features

section 2 NC drilling and boring machine programming methods

section 3 NC drilling and boring machine programming examples

Chapter 5 machining center programming

section 1 machining center programming foundation

section 2 machining center programming

Chapter 6 Introduction and working interface

section 1 Introduction

ten input methods for the second node of experimental equipment equipped with upper and lower tensile clamps

Chapter 7 drawing and trimming of two-dimensional graphics

section 1 Drawing

section 2 deletion

section 3 trimming

section 4 Conversion

Chapter 8 compilation of two-dimensional tool path

section 1 overview of two-dimensional tool path module

section 2 tool setting and management

section 3 generation of two-dimensional tool path

Chapter 9 construction of three-dimensional graphics

section 1 construction of three-dimensional wire frame

section 2: determine the composition surface Methods

section III construction of 3D curve formation

Section IV 3D curve formation

Section V 3D solid

Chapter 10 3D knife path

section I setting of 3D knife path parameters

section II curve formation processing


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