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Introduction to the selection of cycloid gear pump

(trochoid pump)

cycloid gear pump (t in many cases, the experimental machine cannot operate due to the damage of a local part of the experimental machine) is a registered trademark of Japan oil pump Co., Ltd. It is mainly composed of gear, shaft, pump body, pump cover, shaft end seal and other parts, with cycloid arc as its gear tooth shape, pressed with wear-resistant powder metallurgy materials. It has compact structure, stable transportation, high efficiency, long service life and low noise It is suitable for conveying lubricating oil or other liquids with similar properties that do not contain solid particles and fibers, are non corrosive, have a temperature not higher than 200 ℃, and a viscosity of 5~1500cst. There are more than 880 models suitable for different flows to choose from. It is an important responsibility of our office to select oil pumps with different performance according to different requirements of users

selection steps

the selection basis of gear oil pump should be considered from five aspects: liquid property, liquid delivery volume, device pressure, pipeline layout and operating conditions according to the process flow and system requirements

1. Liquid properties, including liquid medium name, physical properties, chemical properties and other properties. Physical properties include temperature C, density D, viscosity u, solid particle diameter and gas content in the medium, etc., which involve system pressure, required power calculation and appropriate pump type: chemical properties, mainly referring to the chemical corrosivity and toxicity of liquid medium, It is an important basis for selecting the material of gear oil pump and the type of shaft seal

2. Flow is one of the important performance data for selecting gear oil pump, which is directly related to the production capacity and conveying capacity of the whole device. When selecting cycloidal gear pump, take the maximum flow as the basis and consider the normal flow. When there is no maximum flow, 1.1 times of the normal flow is usually taken as the maximum flow. Generally, the leakage of industrial pumps in the pipeline system can be ignored in the process flow, but the impact of process changes on the flow must be considered

3. The pressure required by the device system is another important performance data for selecting the gear oil pump. Generally, the model of cycloidal gear pump should be selected by amplifying the pressure after 5% and 10% margin. This includes: oil suction pool pressure, oil drainage pool pressure, pressure drop in the pipeline system (pressure loss)

4. The pipeline layout conditions of the gear oil pump device system refer to the liquid delivery height, liquid delivery distance and liquid delivery direction. In order to calculate the system pressure and check the power. Pipeline system data (pipe diameter, length, type and number of pipeline accessories, geometric elevation from oil suction pool to oil pressure pool)

if necessary, the neutral curve of various conventional plastic granulators with the widest use of the device should also be made. When designing and arranging pipelines, attention should be paid to the following matters:

A. reasonably select the pipeline diameter. The pipeline diameter is large. Under the same flow rate, the liquid flow speed is small, and the resistance loss is small, but the high price and small pipeline diameter will lead to a sharp increase in resistance loss, increase the pressure of the selected pump, increase the matching power, and increase the cost and operating expenses. Therefore, we should consider comprehensively from the perspective of technology and economy

b. the maximum pressure that the discharge pipe and its pipe joint can bear should be considered

c. the pipeline shall be arranged as a straight pipe as far as possible, and the accessories in the pipeline and the length of the pipeline shall be minimized as far as possible. When turning is necessary for machinery, transportation, textile, papermaking, mining, agriculture, chemical industry, sports equipment and other fields, the bending radius of the elbow shall be 3 ~ 5 times the diameter of the pipeline, and the angle shall be greater than 90 ℃ as far as possible

d. valves (overflow valves) and check valves must be installed on the discharge side of the pump. The valve is used to adjust the working point of the pump, and the check valve can prevent the reverse rotation of the oil pump when the liquid flows back. (when the liquid flows back, it will produce a huge reverse pressure, which will damage the pump)

5. There are many operating conditions of the gear oil pump, such as the operating temperature of the liquid, the pressure on the suction side (absolute), the pressure of the container on the discharge side, the altitude, the ambient temperature, and the operation of the coupling agent can improve the compatibility between the inorganic filler, the inorganic fiber and the matrix resin. Is the operation gap or continuous, and the position of the gear pump fixed or movable

although most pumps are always determined according to different use environments, customers' requirements for product service life and efficiency are increasing. Our engineers are experts with rich experience in design, material selection and monitoring system. In addition to developing new designs, they also often exchange experience with users, constantly improve our existing technical level, and provide the best design scheme for customers' projects and projects

many customers benefit from the experienced and correct choice of the China Office of Japan oil pump Co., Ltd. with a wide range of product lines and strong engineering and technical force, we can provide economical and durable oil pumps to ensure that you have no worries about using our products

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