How did Vanke Wangshi become after so many employe

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How did Vanke Wangshi become after so many employees left Vanke for two years

there are two kinds of biographies, one selling gossip about men and women, and the other selling wealth of life

two biographical books about Wang Shi appeared in the market in the last year. One is "life is high", a biography of "selling gossip about men and women", which describes Wang Shi as a mountaineering hero and fashion star; One is how Wang Shi was tempered, which was just published. It describes Wang Shi as a business hero and chairman of the company. It is a biography of "selling wealth in life"

luxinzhi, the author of this book, is one of the most active financial and economic media in China. He is the financial and economic lead writer of the economic observer and the South chief of the hydroxyl group in China. He has also written columns for many mainstream media, covering finance, history, culture, art and other fields

the author has known Wang Shi, the founder of this book, for ten years. He has seen and heard that Wang Shi, a legendary personality entrepreneur, led Vanke through the storm. The book provides a large number of first-hand and exclusive materials, reproduces the rich history of Vanke and its founder Wang Shi's many competitions and business wars in the capital market, and provides an interesting and rich way to interpret the current first real estate brand Vanke and the personalized entrepreneur Wang Shi

how to employ people

why can so many people be used to detect tensile stress relaxation of steel strands, PC bars, steel bars and so on in two years? When employees leave

some people always ask Wang Shi, what is the relationship between personality and career? His view is: "it doesn't matter very much. If you have a good temper or a bad temper, it won't be a big problem, but if you are not good at communication, you will suffer a lot. More importantly, you should be able in your career first, which is very important."

2001, some media once asked Wang Shi a challenging question: how many people leave Vanke every year? If the manager of an enterprise cannot provide a stage for outstanding talents to play, leading to a large number of outstanding employees leaving him, what do you think the manager should undertake? As a matter of fact, the subtext of this problem is that Vanke has left so many employees over the years. Did you fail to do a good job, Wang Shi

Wang Shi's answer is not clever, but it is very true. He said, "Vanke's development in 2000 was good on the whole, but when we summarized the gains and losses of the year, we found that the turnover rate of middle-level management cadres was high. Based on this understanding, we put forward three kinds of kindness: being kind to shareholders, customers and employees."

later, after months of research and negotiation, the human resources department of Vanke Group finally chose Hewitt consulting in the United States. The cooperation projects proposed by both parties are: salary evaluation and improvement suggestions; Design performance management scheme and train internal trainers; Evaluation and design of option scheme

after the implementation of a good electronic tensile testing machine in the above project, theoretically, it should be able to withstand various environments and changes, the salary evaluation work should be completed by the end of March 2001, and the option plan and performance management scheme design should be completed by the end of May 2001; Performance management has been trained and promoted within the group since June of this year. As a direct result, many employees of Vanke have received salary increases. Of course, they have more clearly defined their career development levels. In short, they have a head start

according to Wang Shi's conclusion, Vanke's employment standard is that as long as the talents with both ability and political integrity can adapt to Vanke's corporate culture, they can achieve good development in Vanke, regardless of their origin

of course, Wang Shi also has the standards he likes to use for his subordinates. He can sum up the following points: he is talented, has independent opinions and has the courage to undertake

as a national development company, Vanke often faces the problem of human resources adjustment and distribution. Those employees (such as those in Shenzhen) go to work in other places. Due to family relations, there will also be employees who are reluctant. What should Vanke do generally

according to his experience, Wang Shi said that the problem now is often that employees in Shenzhen are eager to apply to a new company because they can get more room for development. However, if the employee is unwilling to go because of family relations, we will fully respect the employee's choice

Vanke human language

Wang Shi wrote an email to apologize to me

yanxueming came to Shenzhen once in 1984. He felt very different from his hometown Xi'an

therefore, he was energetic at that time. When the provincial government office was bored, he thought about Shenzhen. Inadvertently, after learning about Vanke and reading its annual report, Yan Xueming became more courageous and came to Shenzhen to meet with the personnel department of Vanke to see how Vanke was

after reading it, he went back and resigned

"at that time, it was very difficult for the general office of the provincial government to enter. It was a fat vacancy, so generally, if you had to leave, there were not many people to keep you." Yanxueming thus became a member of Vanke, a young company

after arriving in Shenzhen, he had a very difficult time at the beginning. After all, he had lived in one place for decades, had a familiar living environment and a familiar crowd, and suddenly arrived in another city at the age of 37. He recalled that he was very sad at that time

"my wife and children stayed in Xi'an. I lived in Vanke's dormitory alone. At that time, I was given a suite, which was empty, and I didn't even have a bed. I spent more than ten days on the floor alone. Later, Qiu Qiang, one of Vanke's veteran employees, took me to Vanke's warehouse to move a bed."

as soon as the new civil servant arrives at Vanke, he will start working and start to travel around. "I joined Vanke in September. I went to Xi'an in October, Chengdu in November and Shenyang in December. In 1993, I was sent to Dalian. I stayed in Dalian for a whole year and returned to Shenzhen in 1994."

in 1998, something happened to the Beijing company, which once caught Wang Shi a little unprepared


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