Weimei new power zircon series

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Weimei new power - the introduction of zircon series

zircon has created a new field for Weimei building materials. Zircon is used as a raw material in quartz plate, adding a new label to Weimei quartz, comprehensively improving the high added value of Weimei quartz countertops, and setting a precedent for world-class high-end new products designed to serve high-end customers. The raw materials of Weimei zircon series products are mainly silicates from the forest valleys in southern Norway, commonly known as zircon, which is a symbol of success and wealth. In the eyes of Westerners, wearing red zircon can play a hypnotic role, drive away the plague and defeat evil. According to legend, among the twelve gemstones worn by Jewish bishops on their chests, zircon is called "chaxins", while Japan calls it "Hyacinth stone", and it is also one of the twelve birthstones. Weimei zircon series products perfectly combine natural beauty with high technology, making it present a colorful style, like flowers, competing. This series of products are extremely high temperature resistant, with a melting point of 2750 degrees, acid corrosion resistance, strong hardness, and high birefringence, high dispersion and other characteristics. Under the light source, it will reflect a charming light, gorgeous and magnificent, which makes people yearn for. This series of products is suitable for walls, kitchen boards, etc. Resplendent vm-09007: golden pink family om-09005: golden age nm-09008:




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