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Spring is a good season for decoration. Many people only consider fashion when decorating, but forget to be practical, which leads to a lot of clutter in their homes. What should I do if I want to have both

it is a major drawback of modern decoration that the storage function of the room is not considered during decoration. Over time, more and more things in the home will be accumulated, which will not only affect the beauty, but also block the light with some sundries, especially wires, network cables, etc., which are more likely to cause danger. On the other hand, the items in the home are not properly stored in different categories, which makes it difficult to find things and affects people's mood

therefore, before decoration, we should make a careful plan for the storage of goods. First, we should count the number and types of our own sundries, and predict what we will buy in the future, leaving more room; Secondly, in combination with the reasonable arrangement of the housing area, those with large rooms can consider more fashion elements, and those with small space naturally emphasize practicality; Finally, you can make more lockers or embedded cloakrooms, so that the space utilization rate is high and it is easy to keep clean

but what if the decoration is finished without making a plan, or the things in the house are piled everywhere? There are three ways to remedy it: weakening, strengthening and diligence. Weakening is to hide all the sundries. For example, make full use of the inconspicuous positions such as the corner of the wall, under the bed and the porch, and try to put things out of sight, which naturally maximizes the space and beauty. In addition, you can use more storage bags and boxes; Strengthening is to make new shapes for some furniture that cannot be hidden, so that it is both beautiful and does not occupy space. For example, treat the old cabinet as the color of the wall, or use it as a background wall; Being good at cleaning up is the most different way, because no matter how big the room is, if the owner doesn't clean up carefully, things will still appear messy. Only by being good at classifying items can we create the most suitable and practical home decoration environment. (internship editor fangzhiqiang)





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