Choose sanitary ware in the double bathroom memo.

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As the master bathroom is exclusively for the use of the owner, the styles of bathtub, toilet and so on can be selected according to your hobbies. Simplicity and generosity are the premise for the choice of sanitary ware in the guest bathroom. The bathtub can be omitted, and only a simple shower needs to be installed

the main bathroom and guest bathroom are treated differently. Toilets are the most frequently used space in the home, and practicality is the premise

choice of bathroom memo sanitary ware

main bathroom key words: hobbies

as the main bathroom is exclusively for the owner, the styles of bathtub, toilet and so on can be selected according to hobbies. Sanitary ware products are used frequently, so the choice should be based on comfort and practicality, and the bathroom design should also achieve the separation of dry and wet

key words of guest bathroom: conciseness

conciseness and generosity are the premise for the selection of guest bathroom sanitary ware. The bathtub can be omitted, just install a simple shower. If you want a decent guest bathroom, you only need to replace some high-end products, and the big design principles should remain unchanged

product list

increase the comfort of the master bathroom

kos magic color two person massage bathtub adopts bubble massage technology, which avoids the phenomenon that the faucet of the massage bathtub is easy to block in the north

caroma faucet and washbasin. This brand is a water-saving expert. Installing two sets of toilet systems will not cost water

cosmic bathroom pier is personalized and practical, which will add a lot of color to your bathroom

improve the texture of the guest bathroom products

Kohler DTV digital intelligent shower system subverts the cumbersome control, and you can set the shower process by pressing the button

Kohler piaoreshi faucet uses PVD electroplating and manual wire drawing technology, which creates its distinctive coating color and texture; PVD coating can keep the surface gloss of the faucet for a long time

kos magic color wet steam room allows you to enjoy Turkish bath at home, and the scald proof steam nozzle is safer

cosmic bathroom mirror is fashionable in design, and there is a large storage space behind the mirror, which can accommodate sundries in the guest bathroom

exclusive secret collection bathroom decoration has principles

when decorating the bathroom, we should first consider the use of functions, and then the decorative effect. The specific principles are as follows:

1 Separation of dry and wet is an important principle, which is the premise of toilet design

2. To ensure safety, this is reflected in several aspects: the ground should be made of waterproof and anti-skid materials; The switch should be equipped with safety protection device, and the socket should not be exposed outside

3. Ventilation and lighting are better. The former is convenient for removing indoor dirty air; The latter uses safety

4. The decoration style should be unified, and the style of the bathroom should be consistent with the style of the whole room. However, because the area of most ordinary family toilets is not large, choosing some brightly colored wall tiles will extend the sense of space

5. The materials of the toilet should be delicate, easy to clean, anticorrosive and moisture-proof. When decorating, we should first grasp the overall space tone, and then consider the wall and floor tiles and ceiling materials





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