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Anhui enterprises acquire closed paper mills in the United States release date: Source: the world says that under the background that the Sino US trade situation affects the paper industry, Shanying paper decided to invest more than 1.4 billion yuan in the idle paper mills in the United States it acquired last year, and then contribute 150 jobs to the local area. Shanying paper obtained tax incentives from the state government after its investment last year. Therefore, it needs to create 500 jobs for local residents and maintain them for 15 years

On August 9, Kentucky governor matt

bevin announced that Shanying paper, a Chinese enterprise, would invest another US $200million (about RMB 1.403 billion) to build a new waste paper recycling plant at the site of the Kentucky paper mill acquired by the enterprise a year ago

in August 2018, Shanying paper purchased phoenix

paper, a closed paper mill located in Ballard County, Wickliffe, Western Kentucky, for $16million, and then invested another $15million to resume plant operation. This reinvestment is to expand the new recycled paper business on the basis of the original Phoenix paper factory

the new plant has an annual production capacity of 700000 tons and will receive post consumer cardboard and mixed paper from different regions. After cleaning and screening, these recycled materials will be made into industrial pulp and finished paper. The construction of the new plant will start within this year and will be completed within 14 to 18 months

according to U.S. wpslocal 9, Craig Tatum, manager of Phoenix paper, said that the pulp products of the new plant will enter the Chinese market

Shanying paper's main domestic products are industrial packaging paper, general cardboard and cartons, including carton board paper, high-strength corrugated base paper, etc. the raw materials of the products are mainly recycled carton board fiber. Shanying paper has said that Phoenix paper can further supplement the raw material source of Shanying domestic paper base

however, the uncertainty of Sino US trade forms and policies has had a certain impact on the US business of Shanying paper. In the context of tight supply of imported waste paper, Phoenix Paper's products may not be able to supply Shanying's domestic paper base

at the end of May, 2019, Phoenix Paper officially turned about 1.5% of its plastic products into waste within one year and resumed full-scale production, changing from the original production of flat paper to the production of pulp and packaging paper. However, Shanying paper said in its reply to investors' questions in June that at present, the pulp products of Phoenix paper are mainly sold externally, rather than supplied internally to Shanying itself

Shanying paper also said in response to investors' questions that the Chinese government imposed a 25% tariff on us waste paper, increasing the company's raw material costs; In addition, the Chinese government has conducted 100% offloading inspection on imported US waste paper, which has increased customs clearance time and reduced the efficiency of raw material import

however, Shanying paper said that in order to cope with the changes in the international trade situation and domestic policies, including the further tightening of China's policy of importing foreign waste paper, it will use the global layout of Huanyu, a wholly-owned subsidiary of recycled fiber, to ensure that the company will maintain a certain proportion of overseas recycled fiber for a long time and ensure the cost advantage

China US trade and relevant policy trends not only affect Shanying paper, but also concern about the benefits of Kentucky, including employment and solving the "garbage" problem

Shanying paper's local investment will bring new jobs. According to the Kentucky government, the $200million sexual investment will bring 150 new jobs. Before that, Phoenix paper, which has resumed production, has hired 200 people. The following method is adopted: set two punctuation marks and engrave more than a grid of local employees between them

previously, due to the continuous decline in the demand of the local cultural paper market in the United States, Phoenix Paper stopped production in november2015 and has been idle, resulting in the layoff of more than 300 employees of the factory

the lack of investment and the recession of industries have slowed down the population growth in Western Kentucky. According to the above wpslocal report, todd

cooper, chief justice of Ballard County, expressed his hope that the investment would attract more residents to return to West Kentucky

in order to encourage investment and employment growth, the Kentucky economic development and finance authority issued the Kentucky business investment

program. In August, 2018, the above institutions preliminarily approved to provide Shanying paper with a tax incentive of no more than US $25million within 15 years. In order to obtain tax incentives, Shanying paper must achieve a series of achievements: on the basis of its commitment of US $15million investment, it will create 500 jobs for local residents of Kentucky and maintain them for 15 years; The average hourly salary for a new position should not be less than $33

in addition, according to the above Kentucky government draft, the project represents a case of creativity, business support and environmental sustainability. On january1,2018, after China officially implemented the "foreign garbage" import ban, it stopped importing a variety of recycled materials from the United States. Various problems caused by the mixed recycling of paper and paperboard in the United States have become increasingly prominent

Shanying paper can be traced back to MAANSHAN paper mill established in 1957. At present, Shanying paper is a comprehensive paper group integrating recycled fiber recycling, paper making, packaging, printing, trade, logistics and other businesses

in terms of packaging paper business, as of november2018, it had 9 paper mills at home and abroad, including 5 overseas, including Phoenix Paper in Kentucky, the United States, and three factories in Sweden and one in Norway of Nordic paper. In terms of recycled fiber business, Huanyu international, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanying paper, currently has two test spaces in the United States, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, and has a layout of recycled fiber procurement system in Lanzhou, Germany, Japan, Australia and China

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