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On June 6, the author learned from the officials of the people's Government of Bengfu City, Anhui province that Anhui Jingyuan Packaging Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 10million cartons and 40million meters of paper corner protection project, which has been publicized recently

the total investment of the project is 10million

according to the report, the proposed project is located in Liucheng Industrial Park, Huaiyuan Economic Development Zone, Anhui Province, with a total investment of 10million. It leases idle plants with a lease area of 2870 square meters. Hu Yaozu said that the main construction contents include production and processing area, warehouse area, office, etc

on the whole, the layout of each area in the workshop is arranged according to the production process flow, which reduces the transfer of materials in the production process, not only saves cost and time, but also makes the layout of the workshop compact, which greatly promotes the production efficiency of the project. The general layout meets the needs of production and fire protection, and the layout is reasonable

among them, the production and processing area is the main project, which will be equipped with a carton production line and a paper corner protection production line, mainly including printing, gluing, nailing, gluing, conforming forming, folding, packaging and other processes. After the completion of the project, 10million cartons and 40million meters of paper corner guards will be produced annually

the project mainly produces cartons and paper corner guards

the production process of the project's carton products is mainly as follows: the corrugated cardboard after purchased indentation is sent to the two-color printing and die-cutting forming machine. If the stripping test is generally conducted using a single column, it can be printed at normal temperature, and then die-cutting and slotting are conducted to fold the cardboard into shape, and then the carton is nailed and glued by the nailing machine or gluing machine, Finally, it is packaged for sale

the production process of another product of the project, paper corner guards, is as follows: the purchased cylinder paper is separated by a paper Slitter, and then sent to the paper corner guard assembly line. Subsequently, the surface was coated with glue, then compounded with kraft paper, and finally the corner protection was folded. The distribution of finished products in China's energy industry not only has obvious regional differences in the total amount of distribution, but also is put into storage and sold out

incidentally, the project is located in the Liucheng Industrial Park. The leading industries include auto parts and high-end equipment manufacturing. The products of downstream e-mail manufacturers are still in the R & D and pilot production stages, including new materials and new energy industries; Supporting industries include paper products, color printing and packaging industry, stainless steel industry and e-commerce industry. The implementation of the project will provide product packaging for the leading industries in the park

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