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Anhui forklift truck: seize the opportunity of the times to realize value sharing recently, the 15th China Construction machinery development high level forum with the theme of "opportunity, rationality, value and development" was grandly held in Jining, Shandong Province, the hometown of Confucius and Mencius. Zhangdejin, chairman of Anhui Forklift Group Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech entitled "seizing the opportunity of the times and realizing value sharing"

the following is the compilation of the actual speech:

the overall feeling is that China's economy has been mainly driven by the manufacturing industry and the real economy for many years. Of course, there are some real estate and related industries in recent years. At present, international interests are globalized and trade protectionism is very obvious, which brings greater challenges to China's manufacturing industry. I personally think the supply side reform proposed by our country, namely "three deletions, one reduction and one subsidy", is effective, but it is not obvious. From the perspective of our industry, in recent years, for example, in February and March this year, like the whole construction machinery industry, we were also very busy. In March, we hit a record high. The output of that month reached 14000 sets, which is unprecedented. The original monthly output never exceeded 12000 units. In fact, this is quite different from our expectations, the original intention of the country and our own original intention

what are the reasons for this situation? I think the reason is that we have not completely changed our habitual thinking of GDP supremacy from top to bottom, from the government to enterprises, and from all aspects of society and all levels. If this problem is not solved, it is still difficult to promote substantive changes in the reform of the real supply side

although the industrial vehicle industry also experienced some decline in 2015, overall, the industry is still relatively healthy. This situation is not only the result of the dedication and efforts of industry associations, leading enterprises and backbone enterprises, but also determined by the characteristics of the industry itself. However, I personally feel that this industry is far from achieving a healthy and rational development. Some industry participants also have problems. To put it simply: there are probably hundreds of enterprises engaged in industrial vehicles in China, while there are about in Japan. How can more than 100 enterprises participate in market competition healthily? There are bound to be problems, which have not yet reached a healthy and mature stage of development

the global total annual sales of industrial vehicles used to be about 1million, but now it is a little more. The US economy has been recovering in the past two years, and the US industrial vehicles have reached a new high. It is predicted that there is still room for the industry sales to rise in recent years. This is mainly due to the rebound of the market in developed regions and countries driven by the return of manufacturing industry, including the improvement of emerging markets, which has led to the increase of total sales. However, the top 10 brands and enterprises in the industry are basically relatively stable. For example, heli is now basically in the 8th place. The leading enterprise is Kaiao of Weichai now, because its technology is leading in the world; Toyota (mainly hydraulic forklift), Linde (mainly static forklift and electric storage), Toyota BT and other enterprises

from the perspective of sales volume, this year's Heli force will definitely rank among the top 5, but our sales revenue ranks eighth. There must be some gaps. In terms of the value of a single machine and the business of the whole value chain, about 50%-60% of the revenue of the top three enterprises in the industry is service revenue, that is, non hardware revenue. In addition, the price of a single product is higher than ours. So when I first saw the sales figures of Toyota and Linde, I didn't quite understand that a car can't be twice as expensive as ours. In fact, the real reason is that more than half of their sales revenue comes from service revenue, which is the gap between us as a leading enterprise in China's industrial vehicles, including other Chinese enterprises and foreign enterprises. Another big gap is the global overseas business income. At present, multinational companies have to convert to global companies, which are basically more than 50%-55%. For better international well-known brands, it may reach about 80%. In this regard, our revenue accounts for a relatively low proportion of the total revenue

the third aspect is that there is a big gap between products and processes

the reason why Heli can continue to develop from a single industrial vehicle based enterprise to today is that it has attached great importance to innovation since the reform and opening up. When I graduated from university and entered the factory, the accepting unit on the dispatch certificate was Hefei heavy machinery factory, not Hefei Forklift Factory. However, when I got to the gate of the factory, I saw a sign on the left and right of the gate: Hefei heavy machinery factory and Hefei Forklift Factory. At that time, I took a photo at the gate of the factory with my luggage. It indicates that the heavy-duty factory at that time has switched to forklift. For more than 30 years, I have been making forklifts. Among them, both successive national leaders and myself attach great importance to innovation. When General Secretary Hu Jintao, the last leader of the country, visited Heli forklift truck, the research theme at that time was innovation and independent brands. But in fact, innovation is still a problem that we haven't done well. What is the reason? Maybe the main reason is that our enterprise has not done well. Now Heli is also making some innovations in business models, products and other aspects

Heli has made a relatively complete range of parts and components. Our high value-added castings account for a relatively high proportion of exports. At present, the supply exceeds the demand. Especially during this period of time, even the purchasing presidents of some international famous brands basically live in our place, and the supply is relatively tight. Our foundry is a vice president unit of China Casting Association and a demonstration enterprise of green casting in China. The gold content is OK

now we have established an equipment leasing company in Shanghai with a well-known foreign-funded enterprise through cooperation to meet the needs of the development trend of the industry. In addition, we have also established a financial leasing company. Our goal is that these newly established companies have developed rapidly in the past two years (last year and this year) (the growth rate in the first quarter of this year exceeded 100%), and also do some social business. However, in terms of business support development, it mainly supports and supports the development of the company's main business. Including: financial leasing business, equipment leasing, core parts, remanufacture, used car management, etc. all focus on supporting the development of the main business

in terms of products, a complete system has been established in building high-end intelligent forklift engineering plastics due to its high rigidity, intelligent logistics, complete solutions for customers in the next step, fleet management system, operation and maintenance management, etc. I think the gap between Heli and foreign enterprises is still large in technology, management and the quality of employees

after the 2008 financial crisis, I served as the main leader of the group and have been promoting some new things. It has successively promoted Jingyi production, information system upgrading, professional performance management, six sigma, internal control, etc. Based on the IP addresses developed in previous years, we are introducing some new R & D modules this year

at present, in the context of the national initiative of the the Belt and Road and the "going global" strategy, the joint forces are also accelerating the internationalization process. In this respect, we still have a gap compared with our brothers and brothers here. We should do what we can, implement steadily, and eventually move from the main business areas of technology research and development, manufacturing and sales services to the world. This is the focus of joint efforts during the 13th Five Year Plan period. In this process, I think in addition to what some leaders said just now, to realize internationalization through acquisition, merger and reorganization, I think the way of cooperation and alliance is also a very effective way in combination with Heli's own experience. It is not only a competitor, but also a partner. It is the so-called "new type of competition and cooperation relationship"

Heli has been able to develop steadily under the background of in-depth industry adjustment in recent years, which may be due to our relatively small resources and industry, as well as the fact that the enterprise is a provincial state-owned enterprise and my own personality. It can be said to be "prudent" or "conservative". In short, we are still relatively focused and rational

it has attracted many enterprises to seize the western market. We are now making every effort to build and improve the existing parts system and sales service system. I think China is our fertile base. Chinese brands have a fertile Chinese local market. We have no reason not to consolidate this market. If such a base camp develops well, the second thing is to go global. In recent years, we have made great investment in domestic marketing network. At present, we have the most comprehensive products in the field of global industrial vehicles. For the same 3-ton diesel vehicle, we have a variety of configurations, and foreign countries have one

in addition, heli has always attached great importance to social performance, promoting and leading the development of the industry. In order to reduce emission pollution and achieve green development, since the first quarter of last year, I have strongly expressed to the industry association that I do not want to delay the implementation of the switching and upgrading of emission standards in the industrial vehicle industry. It is necessary to promote the "green development" in the five national development concepts. In particular, as a leading enterprise in the industry, it has technical and financial capabilities and should play a leading and exemplary role. Since April 1 last year, heli has not produced, stored or sold any cars below grade 2. We have taken back all the original ones

in terms of products, we should also make efforts in light weight, energy conservation and emission reduction, green and recyclable. I think the key to our business is to do two things well: provide good products and satisfactory services to users. The rest is empty talk. Now many enterprises are led by "professors". In fact, a really good enterprise leader should work in the market and on the spot

in the aspect of intelligent clt-o - the average value (n/cm) of the horizontal flat pressing strength of the inner and outer paper, we now carry out quarterly spot inspection, and the promotion is also relatively large. At present, the number of enterprises in China is very large. But there are still many problems, just like a young fat man. A simple brain, like the decision-making level of an enterprise, is different from a mature person; The bent bone is like the middle layer of the enterprise. The bone density is not high and does not meet the healthy normal value standard; The bloated body, like the employees of an enterprise, is also far behind the normal people. Therefore, there must be a gap between the final products and the results of enterprise operation. As Mr. Liu gongzeng said: we are at least three times behind others. I think there may be more. In view of these problems, we should make up for our weaknesses and take the goal of made in China 2025 as the main direction of our manufacturing industry. However, we should also have a clear understanding in the implementation process. Now we often mention 4.0, which is very mysterious and empty. We all look up to the stars. If we always look up to the stars, it will be easy to fall. We should also be down-to-earth and do our basic work well. Some enterprises are in a mess, without any traces of management. I think it is unrealistic to talk about industry 4.0. First of all, you should clean up your factory. The production site is not clean. Can it be a good factory

the integration of industrialization and industrialization is our main line, and the intelligentization of factories, products and manufacturing processes is our development direction. Through six years' efforts, we have realized the trust

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