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Anheng information cooperated with Huawei Kunpeng cloud to complete the test and certification based on Kunpeng +uos architecture fortress machine and WAF attack

recently, Anheng information completed the compatibility and mutual certification for Kunpeng public cloud and private cloud based on Kunpeng +uos Mingyu operation and maintenance audit and risk control system and Mingyu web application firewall. The test results show that the two products perform well in terms of function and performance, and can fully meet the needs of users. They have become the first and only Kunpeng +uos products released in Huawei cloud, and the first partner of Huawei cloud Kunpeng Lingyun program

Huawei cloud has built Kunpeng cloud services and solutions based on Huawei Kunpeng processors, opening a new multi-dimensional architecture on the cloud. Huawei has the full stack independent innovation capability from chip to server to platform. The in-depth collaboration of software and hardware enables kunpengyun services to have extreme performance and better help customers achieve safe and reliable business and intelligent industrial upgrading

as an important industrialization partner of Huawei, Anheng information, based on Huawei's ecology, continuously promotes information technology application innovation, and continuously introduces security products suitable for Kunpeng and domestic operating system architecture to meet the needs of users. This time, Huawei and Anheng information once again joined hands to complete innovation. The first automobile manufactured by ABS using micromillr technology in the public cloud market has two products equipped with Kunpeng chip and UOS operating system at the same anti-collision level: Mingyu operation and maintenance audit and risk control system and Mingyu web application firewall

Mingyu O & M audit and risk control system

namely: Anheng cloud fortress machine. It combines the requirements of various bills and regulations on it operation and maintenance management and it internal control and external audit, adopts the logical access mode, integrates identity authentication, single sign on, authorization management, operation and maintenance audit, automatic operation and maintenance and other functions, solves the IT operation and maintenance management risks of users in the cloud computing environment, and is applicable to the cloud control and cloud audit of various network assets carried on major cloud platforms

frost Sullivan, a global authoritative analysis institution, released the Research Report 2019 on privileged account management/fortress machine market in the Asia Pacific region. Based on the market research on privileged access management/fortress machine (PAM) in the Asia Pacific region, Anheng information fortress machine products rely on the product transformation speed in the field of network security and standardization. According to the sales scale of products analyzed by the consulting firm reportlinker, In 2018, it ranked first in the Asia Pacific market share ranking, and also ranked first in the market share of China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), and won the double first crown in the Asia Pacific region and China. After 10 years of accumulated ingenuity, Anheng fortress machine has grown rapidly, which is inseparable from the trust and support of our customers. In the future, we will continue to innovate and make technological breakthroughs, and adhere to being the fortress machine product that best understands users

Mingyu web application firewall

i.e. Anheng new generation intelligent cloud WAF. It adopts a new engine of 5+3 and has a number of leading detection technologies, which can greatly improve the detection rate and greatly reduce the false alarm rate and false alarm rate. Intelligent semantic analysis engine, AI intelligent protection engine and other rapid iterative updates have more accurately received threat intelligence data, and the protection capability has been steadily improved under the new architecture and new algorithm. The new generation of Intelligent Cloud WAF has provided comprehensive security protection for many leading important customers such as finance, operators and headquarters of central enterprises. Through rigorous attack and defense tests, the security protection capability has been continuously optimized and improved, and can meet the security protection needs of customers with practical and professional capabilities

frost Sullivan, an international authoritative analysis institution, released the 2018 Asia Pacific web application firewall Market Research Report for the web application firewall field. Anheng WAF ranked second with a market share of 9.6%, becoming the only Chinese WAF manufacturer to enter top3, which not only reflects the product strength and core competitiveness of Anheng WAF, but also the industry's recognition of Anheng WAF products

this time, Huawei and Anheng information cooperated together, based on the domestic mainstream Kunpeng processor and UOS operating system, to fundamentally eliminate the security risks in the underlying platform design. The application module independently developed by Anheng information is used to truly realize the innovation of information application technology from hardware to software, system to chip, and provide more secure and high-performance fortress computers and WAFS

in the future, Anheng information will continue to give full play to its advantages in independent innovation technology, cooperate with more ecological partners, create a more prosperous cloud computing security industry ecology, and contribute to the construction of a network power

preferential activities are coming

as the first fortress machine and WAF product in China equipped with Kunpeng chip and UOS operating system and successfully launched in Huawei's public cloud market, it has launched a massive preferential activity. You can scan the code immediately to get the first experience

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