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Singapore enterprises have accordingly called for the launch of "sg50" logo packaging to celebrate the 50th anniversary of independence

Singapore will celebrate the 50th anniversary of independence next year. In addition to a series of celebrations in the public sector, private enterprises will also respond to the call of Singapore 50 and plan to launch Singapore 50 products with local characteristics

in order to encourage all sectors to participate in China's 50th birthday, the Singapore 50 Preparatory Committee launched the sg50 brochure for private enterprises in September this year, encouraging enterprises to use the sg50 logo to package products or use it in promotional materials

to use the sg50 logo, certain specifications must be observed, for example, the white font of sg50 must be retained. If the sign needs to be adjusted, follow the instructions on the manual. In addition, the manual also notes that the sg50 mark does not represent the certification of related products by any party

chocoelf, a local chocolate brand, launched two Singapore 50 chocolates in its brand stores yesterday, and some of the proceeds will be donated to charity organizations. In addition to the sg50 logo provided by the Singapore 50 Preparatory Committee, the package also uses the caricature of the founding premier Lee Kuan Yew, as well as the Merlion and other symbols with Singapore characteristics

Li Jingzheng (38), the business director of Qiaokou Xianer company, pointed out in an interview that the newly launched sg50 chocolate takes the Singapore story as the creative concept. The scene when Premier Lee Kuan Yew of the founding of the people's Republic of China cried when he announced the separation of Singapore and Malaysia was impressive. The packaging of one chocolate Singapore awakening was inspired by that scene, reflecting the arduous journey of the founding of the people's Republic of China, and the packaging design of another chocolate Singapore Jubilee reflects the prosperity of Singapore today

he said: these two chocolates are sugar free products to cater to the tastes of the elderly. The company hired local young artists to design chocolate packaging, and the copyright belongs to the company. The price of chocolate is 9 yuan and 80 cents. For each piece sold, the company will donate 50 cents to charity organizations

helifa private Co., Ltd., which manufactures Bobo brand fish balls and fish cakes, also uses the sg50 logo to design two packaging boxes, one of which can store frozen fish balls and fish cakes, embellished with local attractions and signs. Another ready to eat sausage package is designed in Singaporean English

Lin Shiyan, the marketing executive of helifa: 100x100x50mm five Zhifang pointed out that with Singapore 50, the company wanted to launch special theme packaging boxes to promote the company's brand, especially products for passengers and foreign markets. The company expects to launch these boxes next year

the market collaboration of local tea production companies has been further improved, and tea ideas has cooperated with sg50 to launch new flavors of tea. Wang Peiyun, the director of the company, said in an interview that this cold drink will focus on healthier drinks and refreshing tastes. It is expected to be launched in the market next year, and the customer base will first lock in the local market according to the actual results

at the end of July this year, SK jewelry, a local jewelry brand, launched a limited edition 999 pure gold sg50 gold bar engraved with China's representative logo. The spokesman revealed that the public reacted enthusiastically to the new products. Gold bars designed with the Singapore national flower Vanda Miss Joaquim have been sold out

the spokesman pointed out that each gold bar was only 999 pieces, the second one was designed with Merlion, and the third one was designed with central business district and Marina Bay Sands. The company will successively launch these gold bars with new designs

the general assembly of manufacturers will also launch the sg50 calendar

in addition, the Singapore General Assembly of manufacturers, which represents the manufacturing industry, will also launch the sg50 calendar next year to show historical photos of China's manufacturing sector. The spokesman pointed out that the perennial publication launched by the Federation next year will also introduce the founding enterprises with a history of more than 50 years

the public huhuiping (30 years old) believes that sg50 products with local characteristics have a certain freshness, but she will only consider buying products of collectable significance, such as limited edition souvenirs

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