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Sina VIP mailbox launched push mail mailbox

August 16 news recently, with the acceleration of urbanization and the continuous growth of infrastructure projects, Lang VIP mailbox launched pushmail mailbox to solve the mail problem of mobile users. The software is closely combined with sina VIP mailbox, integrates the functions of sina VIP mailbox, provides users with native services, and makes installation and setting more convenient

Sina VIP email is a service that uses pushmail technology to directly push mail to. Pushmail technology is a direct push technology. When an email is received, the system will push the message to the bound one at the first time. From the perspective of market demand, it can realize the timely, accurate and safe delivery of the email. It replaces the traditional technology of receiving mail manually. Pushmail technology makes up for the defects of long receiving time and unable to arrive in time. At the same time, it also saves users the trouble of logging in to the mailbox frequently. It only needs to install a client software on it to send and receive mail anytime and anywhere

features of pushmail of sina VIP mailbox:

simple operation: as it is a native service launched by Sina, it makes downloading, installation and use easier. You can use the client to send and receive email anytime and anywhere with just one login

efficient sending and receiving: another important feature of pushmail is its efficient sending and receiving function. This software is improved on the basis of the traditional mailbox technology, and truly realizes the push technology, which minimizes the time of sending and receiving emails. Compared with the traditional push technology, the pushmail launched by Sina has been greatly improved and solves the problem of email delay. This is also in line with the importance business people attach to time

attachment function: pushmail launched by Sina also solves the problem of attachment management. It has powerful attachment function, uploading attachments such as word, PPT, excel at any time, previewing, and one click downloading. Make your office easier and more convenient

security and confidence: the security performance of this software makes more business people love it. It uses number binding and SSL login, which is more reassuring than simple password login. At the same time, this software also has a unique design of remote destruction function. When your favorite machine is accidentally lost, the system will launch a remote "shell" when the software starts, destroying your data and personal information to avoid your information exposure! This software is the technical support provided by Shangyou and zhongweikexin company. Years of experience in e-mail has made the system more stable and reliable in some areas where the supply of steel-making pig iron is in short supply

considerate service: in addition to these four powerful email functions, Sina has also improved several humanized functions this time. For example, the power warning function will ensure your normal use and will not be confused because of lack of power. The second is the email filtering function. Simple settings can avoid the trouble of spam. Set working hours freely, so that you will not be disturbed during your rest, and make reasonable arrangements for work and life, so that you can combine work and rest

it is these characteristics that create a perfect combination of pushmail and Internet business applications, and provide a more efficient and convenient business solution. It can be said that "new" but coating components are very time-consuming. This pushmail service launched by wave VIP mailbox is tailored for business people. It is also a comprehensive, efficient and convenient mailbox service at present. It is also a necessary weapon for you to improve work efficiency and change the traditional working mode. With this software, you don't have to worry about not receiving mail in time. Communication world

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