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Since caterpillar, hey, it's easy to work

since caterpillar, hey, it's easy to work

when installing and debugging the static stiffness testing machine, the last link in the user's purchase of equipment is also an important link. China Construction Machinery Information

as the "leader" of the construction machinery industry ", caterpillar has been bringing changes to the world since it was born. If you don't believe it, look down!

since the birth of caterpillar...

there is no need for manual recklessness anymore.

in 1904, the crawler bulldozer invented by Benjamin Holt was tested for the first time.

the workload of 10 people can be easily handled in a shovel.

the work can be foamed on site, but there are also shortcomings: the foaming inducement time is short-range efficiency is greatly improved.

Since caterpillar...

it is simpler to build subgrade and pavement

in the past, the compaction of the road surface consumed a lot of manpower and a long man hour,

but today's caterpillar roller,

adopts the vibration principle and steel wheel structure,

greatly improves the compaction effect of the road surface,

and improves the work efficiency

with caterpillar pavement equipment,

the paving speed is fast, and the road is flat and "stable"

since the birth of caterpillar...

the pilots can avoid the wind and rain

Cat? (Carter) intelligent communication system

make remote device monitoring a reality, and you can manage the fleet at home

with this black technology,

mom doesn't have to worry about me anymore:

tanning and catching a cold

since caterpillar...

a truck pulls 300 tons. No kidding

caterpillar "Hercules" cat? 797,

was honored as "the world's largest truck" as soon as it was born "Such automation is one of the industry standards.

imagine this behemoth pulling more than 300 tons of ore,

driving between mines,

the momentum of swallowing mountains and rivers is basically like this!

since caterpillar...

used old machines are no longer worried about turning into scrap steel and iron.

caterpillar remanufacture business,

using advanced engineering technology,

carry out waste engineering machinery parts,

Professional repair and remanufacture,

make it reach the level of new products in performance and quality,

glow the second spring of waste parts

with such energy conservation and environmental protection,

caterpillar remanufacture is really a little helper for sustainable development

look, caterpillar has indeed brought earth shaking changes to our lives! What other changes did you not expect? Leave a message and tell us your answer

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