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SINAMICS S120 solution successfully won the tire forming machine project of 625 institutes

around the Spring Festival, with the strong support and sales of Mr. zhangguobin, the OEM department in the northern region, and the unremitting efforts of Mr. Xia Zhigang, combined with the full support of Zhao Jian, the APC Department, Siemens successfully won the tire forming machine project of Xingyuan, where Beijing 625 is located, making SINAMICS S120 solution successfully applied to the mainstream products of the Institute. The success of this project is a model of successful cooperation between Bu and the region. With our joint cooperation, we not only blocked the strong offensive of AB, but also laid a solid foundation for the large-scale application of amics S120 in the whole tire machinery industry. This software also has the function of copying shells

sinamics S120 is a brand-new high-performance "range effect" actuator that promotes industrial development. It is based on the latest transmission concept, Adopt many innovative technologies "In hindsight, the new generation of transmission has made a huge leap from the inside out: the volume has been greatly reduced, the operation is extremely quiet, the concept is more environmental friendly, and the performance is more excellent. SINAMICS S120 is not only applicable to two drum, three drum, four drum molding machines, but also applicable to cutting lines, tread lines, testing lines, extrusion and calendering production lines and other equipment in the tire machinery industry. The adoption of SINAMICS S120 solution this time not only upgrades and optimizes the performance The electrical system of the type a machine improves its anti-interference ability, reduces the size of the electric cabinet, and is more convenient for debugging and maintenance

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