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Application of sinamicsg110 inverter in rolling billboards with background light

today, rolling billboards with background light in cities are gradually replacing conventional billboards. Sensitive and world-class driving technology ensures its perfect operation and the normal image of advertising pictures

today, rolling billboards with background light can be seen everywhere in a city. Because they attract people's attention, they are gradually replacing conventional billboards: the back with advertising information often filters out useful signals, and the scene light diaphragm is installed in large buildings, which can be clearly seen. An image scrolls after being displayed for a short time to display a new image. At first glance, you may think this is just a children's game, which is not technically difficult to achieve. But in fact, we must consider some very important technical issues. For example, the diaphragm is very thin, but it has to withstand strong fluctuations in temperature and air humidity. And most importantly, these rolling billboards must keep the image clear, because they are installed on the roadside or other places that people can clearly see. For billboard manufacturers, this means that advertising equipment should operate normally all the time. The use of durable and sensitive driving equipment will play a decisive role in the normal operation of the billboard

advertising theme

the product that can meet the needs of the market is good product mold manufacturing. This is why the developers of the drive system are committed to typical applications and some special applications. Manufacturers of mobile advertising media, especially those of rolling billboards with background light, regard SINAMICS G110 frequency converter produced by Siemens as the first choice of driving equipment at the stage of advertising development, and put forward suggestions on performance testing and application requirements. Due to the long-term cooperation and discussion with the billboard manufacturer, the user's requirements have been fully considered in the G110 variable frequency speed regulation device

do not use additional heat sinks

theoretically, the ideal background light rolling billboard should be as large as the area of the advertisement itself. Each additional square centimeter of area not only means that more materials should be used, but also consider resisting greater wind forces. Since the drive equipment cannot be exposed externally, the drive system must be installed in the frame of the billboard, which means that the space for installing any equipment in the frame is extremely limited. SINAMICS G110 frequency converter is equipped with a small heat sink to meet the requirements of heat dissipation. It is only 101 mm long, 90 mm wide and 150 mm high, and is completely hidden in the frame of the billboard. That is to say, this variable-frequency speed regulation device will not cast any shadow on the advertising film, so as to ensure that the image of the advertisement is not blocked. Even if such a small heat sink is used, the G110 frequency converter can still work continuously at a temperature of up to 50 ° C, which is very important for reliable operation in high temperature and direct sunlight in summer

First press the "swing taking" button

image rolling can be carried out without chopper or braking module

generally, the winding mechanism and uncoiling mechanism of the diaphragm are equipped with their own frequency conversion and speed regulation devices. When the diaphragm changes direction, they exchange winding and uncoiling functions with each other. The control of winding machine and uncoiler is quite accurate. The diaphragm is required to be kept under the set tension without wrinkles. Even at high temperature, it will not cause too much tension due to tension. Due to the SINAMICS G110 variable frequency speed regulation device, the uncoiler can operate in the "regeneration" mode. The braking energy flows into the DC circuit of the variable frequency speed regulation device, so that the motor is coupled with the frequency converter. This operation mode not only saves energy and reduces the heat generated in the braking process, but also does not need another braking device or chopper module. This reduces the number of equipment and the occupied space, which is conducive to repair and maintenance; When a user was satisfied with this solution, he said, "nothing will fail."

users of this rolling billboard with background light also showed great enthusiasm for the soft start characteristics of the variable frequency drive. During the day, the wide advertising diaphragm is greatly affected by the fluctuation of atmospheric temperature, sometimes rigid, sometimes elastic. Therefore, the diaphragm must start and brake as smoothly as possible without jerking action. In addition, the tension control of the driving device must also leave room for rolling the diaphragm in case of cold weather and some stiffness of the diaphragm. In addition to the simple v/f characteristics usually used, SINAMICS G110 inverter also has the freely programmable multi-point v/f characteristics, which can be used for application objects that are difficult to control. These features can also be improved with the "lift" function. Moreover, SINAMICS G110 frequency converter can also be used for other loads (pumps and fans) with square v/f characteristics. The adjustment range of the starting and braking ramp time of the variable frequency speed regulation device is very wide. In addition, the frequency conversion and speed regulation device can also set the jump frequency and its frequency band width to suppress the possible mechanical vibration, otherwise, the diaphragm may cause wrinkles when winding to one side

when working on a ladder on the street with heavy traffic, using the basic operation panel can save time

when carrying out maintenance work, if you can not work on a ladder several meters high on the roadside with heavy traffic, it is certainly a pleasant good idea. Although the repair of the backlight rolling billboard is rarely due to the failure of the frequency converter, the technicians in charge of repair/maintenance still like the SINAMICS G110 removable basic operation panel (BOP). It can interactively access all parameters of the variable frequency speed regulation device; When necessary, it can also be used to store the setting values of parameters. Harold, global technical product manager of DSM engineering plastics, is the only one who needs to replace the variable frequency speed control device Harroldgoertz will outline how akulonxs, through its unique barrier properties and mechanical properties, makes it more suitable for use in the food flexible packaging industry and more cost-effective than traditional PA6 at the multi-layer packaging film conference held in Chicago on June 2 and the TAPPI flexible packaging seminar held in Miami on June 10, All the previous settings can be downloaded to the new variable frequency speed regulation device: take the BOP out of the chest pocket, insert it into the variable frequency speed regulation device, start data transmission, and then remove the BOP and put it back in the pocket. This is certainly much more relaxing and enjoyable than standing on a ladder

the same function is also applicable to the low-cost and efficient continuous debugging of rolling billboards with background light when they are offline from the production line. Moreover, the price of BOP is very affordable. When changing different versions, the data storage of the whole BOP should also be considered

good communication function

rolling billboards with background light usually have a cheap and durable micro control system

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