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in order to help customers better understand the operation of their equipment and avoid potential dangerous accidents caused by equipment failure and losses caused by shutdown; At the same time, help customers detect potential design problems, improve process design level, and improve quality inspection efficiency and accuracy in product quality control. Fluke 4) defects or damage caused by incorrect testing, operation, maintenance, installation, modification or adjustment; The company recently launched a large-scale "free inspection of thermal imager" activity worth RMB 5000

from April to December 2008, you only need to spend 2 minutes to complete the simple information registration. The testers who have passed the professional certification and obtained the qualification certificate will come to inspect your equipment and issue professional inspection reports to help you analyze the current operation of their equipment

this activity aims to popularize the knowledge of the correct use and application of the infrared thermal imager, and tell customers how to use the thermal imager correctly and find 400, i.e. 400MPa faults through free inspection activities

at that time, you will know:

what is the infrared thermal imager

principle of infrared thermal imager

what are the applications of infrared thermal imagers in various industries

what benefits can you bring by using infrared thermal imager

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email: ang@

Contact: Miss Jiang

fluke is a company under Danaher group, which is one of the Fortune Global 500. Founded in Washington state in 1948, the company entered China in 1978. Now its sales and service agencies are all over Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia. So are representative agencies and authorized distributors of general composite materials in more than 100 countries around the world, with about 2400 employees. It is a world leading company in the industrial field, and its products are known for precision, safety, durability, stability and reliability

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