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Sincere cooperation Dunfeng machinery continues to join machine tool business

] it has become the mainstream situation in today's society to boost the development of traditional industries through interconnected channels and platforms. In July, 2018, Jiaxing Dunfeng Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dunfeng machinery) and China machine tool business decided to continue to join after a year of close cooperation, continue to help the enterprise transformation and upgrading, and further develop Internet marketing

Located in Jiaxing Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province, Dunfeng machinery is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taiwan egma Technology Co., Ltd. in the mainland. Since its establishment, Dunfeng machinery has been dominated by scientific and technological innovation, specializing in the research and development of high-quality products such as,, pentahedral machining center machines, horizontal machining center machines, etc. After more than ten years of ups and downs, the machine tool technology of Dunfeng machinery has become increasingly mature, and the product quality is reliable, stable and efficient, which is highly praised by users in aerospace, electronics, parts processing, mold processing and other industries

for customers, Dunfeng machinery is not only a supplier of machine tools and equipment, but also a good partner worthy of support and trust. Over the years, Dunfeng machinery has always adhered to the development concept of being professional and pursuing excellence, and is committed to serving new and old customers with high-quality pre-sales technical support and perfect after-sales tracking system, providing customers with the best service and high-quality machine tool products. In order to make customers have a more satisfactory product experience, the company also provides installation and assembly services. Customers have technical problems and can get remote technical guidance within 24 hours

in recent years, Dunfeng machinery has closely followed the national policy guidance and accurately monitored the market dynamics. In addition to actively participating in industry exhibitions and expanding enterprise exposure, Dunfeng machinery has also successfully launched a brand strategy and improved brand awareness and gold content with the help of the influence of China's machine tool business

this year is the second year of cooperation between Dunfeng machinery and China machine tool business. Last year, Dunfeng machinery gained a lot in the field of interconnection. During the cooperation between the two sides, Dunfeng machinery enjoyed many businesses in China's machine tool business, such as top member shops, purchase information, station design, enterprise reports, product promotion and so on. Dunfeng machinery also actively participates in the network promotion process, paying great attention to enterprise brand promotion and industry optimization, publishing information, uploading product pictures, and actively contacting customers. Through the cooperation with machine tool business, Dunfeng machinery makes the enterprise glow with new brilliance

Founded in 2005, China Machine Tool Commerce () is an authoritative network media in the machine tool industry and a portal for the large machine tool industry. China Machine Tool commerce is a station under Zhejiang Xingwang Baoming Tongluo company. Based on the operation of the industry for more than 9 years, China Machine Tool commerce has accumulated excellent service experience and huge customer resources. It has 400000 individual registered members and more than 38000 enterprise members, covering more than 30 provinces and cities and 28 countries and regions across the country, with an average daily page views (PV) of more than 1million. Relying on the rich information service experience and strong strength in the Internet field of Zhejiang Xingwang Baoming Tongluo Co., Ltd., it has become a high-quality professional station in the machine tool industry from the government level

facing the increasing customer group, China machine tool business has put forward higher requirements for itself. The company hopes to provide more accurate, timely and comprehensive information and services for all customers and partners through its own platform, so as to form a good atmosphere of win-win cooperation between China's machine tool business and member units. The company is preparing to raise this threshold again. As a member of China machine tool business, the higher the level, the richer the benefits. As the only 3-yuan material patent in the machine tool industry is in the hands of Japan and South Korea, China's machine tool business has a huge influence

the manufacturing process of each machine manufactured by egma Technology Co., Ltd. is based on the assembly requirements and inspection standards of Japanese tools and machines, and has undergone strict testing and inspection. The experienced after-sales service personnel who mainly show the products of physics, chemistry and chemical engineering, biology and Bioengineering, electronic information and electronic measurement, machinery and processing center, power control and electrician, audio-visual equipment, laboratory and teaching instruments and equipment will provide perfect technical support to the majority of users, The complete pre-sales and after-sales service will enable customers to use the products of Taiwan egma Technology Co., Ltd. without worries. It is believed that through the joint cooperation between Dunfeng machinery and China machine tool business, both sides will be able to achieve better results in the future. I also wish Dunfeng machinery a smooth development in the future and create more brilliance

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