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Sinch launched advanced video software development kit products

CLX Communications AB (publ) advanced high-molecular materials enterprises account for 30% of the number of new materials enterprises (sto: CLX). Sinch, its subsidiary, announced the successful launch of a new advanced video software development kit product, which adds a leading and integrated real-time video call function to the company's market-leading voice product portfolio

sinch, a new video software development kit product, will provide developers with the necessary tools and scalable infrastructure to enable them to meet the rapidly growing needs of cross platform integration and make video calls in any network or mobile application

andreas bernstrom, founder and CEO of sinch, said: adding the video call function to the voice tool portfolio has brought another good opportunity for enterprises to contact customers. Until now, this complex process is often beyond the reach of application developers

the launch of our video software development kit has changed everything. It provides developers around the world with easy-to-use and efficient tools to integrate high-quality video calls into their applications. Adding this function to any voice application will improve consumers' communication experience of the brand

video call is regarded as a major growth area of enterprises, because face-to-face interaction adds a dimension of timely communication. Sinch's video software development kit product features deepen user participation, because participants do not need to exit their applications or station sessions to participate in video calls on another platform (such as WhatsApp, Skype or messenger)

typical carbon nanotubes are an ideal one-dimensional model material. Examples include in application interaction in the fields of health care, dating, customer support and education, as well as assisting enterprise remote teams in cross regional cooperation

the video software development kit includes functions such as proxy server fallback, pause and resume, and screenshots. In addition, the software development kit is located at the top of the webrtc architecture, which uses adaptive resolution and video codec. This ensures quality service standards such as uptime and HD image resolution

sinch's latest solution is provided for IOS system, Android system and JavaScript software development kit. It provides developers with a tool to quickly and easily add point-to-point video calls to applications, and supports WiFi or mobile data connections

clx communications introduction

clx communications (CLX) is a world leading company providing cloud communication services and solutions for enterprises and mobile operators. 3. Refueling volume: company. Shift 2 of CLX Measurement of static bending strength and elastic modulus dynamic communication services enable enterprises to communicate with customers and interconnected equipment (IOT) quickly, safely and cost effectively around the world. CLX's solution realizes business critical communication worldwide through SMS service, voice service and mobile IOT connection service. CLX's profits have been growing since its inception. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, the group has expanded its business to 20 countries

clx communications' shares are listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm Stock Exchange (xsto: CLX)

sinch() introduction

clx Communications AB (publ.) Sinch is a cloud based mobile communication platform, which makes it unprecedented easy to add voice, video and verification to applications. In May, 2014, the sinch team was separated from REBTEL. With more than 100 years of development experience in the voice industry, it has brought powerful software development packages and application program interface technologies and expertise to software developers, making it easy to download and integrate

connect to the sinch platform, experience flexible infrastructure development, and effectively utilize sinch's years of voice development expertise and trusted operator partnership. With software development packages that are easy to integrate and can be used by any developer, sinch saves the trouble of building and maintaining communication infrastructure

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