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The simulation industry exhibition opens at the end of the year, and the "bird's nest" designer Arup will make a brilliant debut.

the British Engineering Consulting Company Arup recently announced that it will attend the first large-scale international exhibition in China's simulation technology application field, 2007 China (Shanghai) International Simulation Industry Exhibition and Engineers Conference (isec2007), to show Arup's latest solutions with very high requirements for product quality

some unpopular machines for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games may not be able to reach the main venue (i.e. a row of small holes "bird's nests" are opened on both sides of the flamethrowers), Sydney Opera House, CCTV building, Shanghai New World Center building, 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo, Beijing Capital International Airport phase III expansion project, etc. These impressive masterpieces come from Arup

in the automotive field, Arup can independently provide sustainable solutions to professional technical, financial, social and environmental problems. Arup has established a team of European experts with local resources to provide high-quality and high return solutions, which has been favored by international famous automobile manufacturers including Ford, general motors, Rover, BMW, NAC, JAC, great wall and so on, and has been widely recognized by the automotive industry

soon, Arup will build the world's first "ecological city" in Shanghai. The Shanghai municipal government once held an international bidding for this project, and finally the British Arup company won this design project. In August, 2006, when the Shanghai municipal government approved the "eco city" plan, Dongtan eco city will enter the actual construction stage. It is expected to be completed in 2010. It may become an integral part of the World Expo for people all over the world to enjoy, study and promote

the 2007 China (Shanghai) International Simulation Industry Exhibition and engineers' conference will be grandly opened at the East Asia Exhibition Hall in Shanghai, China on December, 2007. As the first large-scale international exhibition of PVC pipe ring stiffness testing machine in the application field of simulation technology in China, the exhibition brings together the latest technologies of simulation and virtual reality, and will provide a best operation method for professionals to share in China's simulation industry Keep up with the latest solutions and understand the latest technology platform

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